Carmen was an English-American flamenco-rock band, formed in Los Angeles by guitarist–keyboardist David Allen. They relocated to London and released the 1973–74 albums Fandangos in Space and Dancing on a Cold Wind on Regal Zonophone. After opening the 1975 US Jethro Tull tour, Carmen recorded The Gypsies for Mercury. Members: David Allen (vocals, guitar, piano, […]

Captain Beyond

Captain Beyond was an English-American hard-rock band that released the 1972–73 Capricorn albums Captain Beyond and Sufficiently Breathless. They featured original Deep Purple singer Rod Evans and two Iron Butterfly graduates: guitarist Larry Reinhardt and bassist Lee Dorman. Drummer Bobby Caldwell left after the first album but resurrected Captain Beyond with new musicians for the […]


Octopus was an English psych-rock band that released three singles and the 1971 album Restless Night on Penny Farthing. Bassist Nigel Griggs and drummer Malcolm Green reappeared later in Split Enz. Members: Nigel Griggs (bass, guitar), Paul Griggs (vocals, guitar, piano), Rick Williams (rhythm guitar, vocals, 1968-70), Gary Whinyates (drums, 1968-69), Brian Glascock (drums, 1969-70), […]