Locomotive was an English brass-rock/psych band that was active with multiple lineups between 1966 and 1970. Based in Birmingham, they initially drew from Jamaican ska/bluebeat on three non-album singles. In 1969, they recorded the album We Are Everything You See, released after the departure of keyboardist and bandleader Norman Haines. Bassist Mick Hincks and drummer […]

The Norman Haines Band

The Norman Haines Band was an English post-psych act led by the keyboardist and mastermind of Locomotive. They released the 1970 single “Daffodil” and the 1971 album Den of Iniquity, both on Parlophone. Another single, “Finding My Way Home,” appeared under the name Avalanche. Haines followed with the 1972 solo single “Give To You, Girl.” […]

Locomotive ‎– We Are Everything You See (1969)

We Are Everything You See is an album by Brummie brass-rock ensemble Locomotive, released in 1969 on Parlophone. Tracklist: A1. “Overture” A2. “Mr. Armageddon” * A3. “Now Is the End – The End Is When” A4. “Lay Me Down Gently” A5. “Nobody Asked You to Come” A6. “You Must Be Joking” ** B1. “A Day […]