The 3 Pieces

The 3 Pieces were an American jazz-funk/soul trio that released the album Vibes of Truth on Fantasy in 1975. Members: Andre Richardson (congas, percussion), Lincoln Ross (keyboards, trombone), Jerry Wilder (bass, lead vocals) The 3 Pieces coalesced in Washington D.C. around the talents of trombonist/keyboardist Lincoln Ross, bassist Jerry Wilder, and percussionist Andre Richardson. Ross […]

The Dynamic Superiors

The Dynamic Superiors were an American soul group from Washington, D.C., that released four albums on Tamla/Motown between 1975 and 1977. Members: George Spann (first tenor vocals), Tony Washington (lead vocals, 1963-80), Maurice Washington (bass vocals, 1963-80), George Wesley Peterback, Jr. (second tenor vocals, 1963-80), Michael McCalpin (baritone vocals, 1963-80) Discography: The Dynamic Superiors (1975) […]

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 — April 1, 1984) was an American R&B vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Washington, D.C., who was musically active for a quarter-century, achieving worldwide renown as one of Tamla/Motown’s leading performers. He first rose to fame with a string of duets, first with Kim Weston and then with Tammi Terrell, […]


Angel were an American hard-rock band from Washington, D.C., that released five studio albums and a live double-LP on Casablanca between 1975 and 1980. Members: Barry Brandt (drums), Gregg Giuffria (keyboards, 1975-81), Frank DiMino (lead vocals, 1975-80, 1998-present), Punky Meadows (guitar, 1975-80), Mickie Jones (bass, 1975-77), Felix Robinson (bass, 1978-81), Fergie Frederiksen (lead vocals, 1981), […]

Chainsaw Jazz

Chainsaw Jazz was an American jazz-rock band that released the album DisConcerto on Cuneiform in 1993. Members: Mark Stanley (guitar), Christian Nagle (guitar), Mark Smoot (bass), Mark Gilbert (saxophone, clarinet), Ed Maguire (violin, electric mandolin), Paul Sears (drums) DisConcerto was released on Cuneiform Records (cat# RUNE 46) in 1993. It features 15 songs and a […]

The Muffins

The Muffins were an American jazz-rock band that released two proper albums: the Canterbury-style Manna / Mirage (1978) and the No Wave-inspired 185, both on the avant-garde DC label Random Radar Records. Tracks from their earlier incarnation (circa 1975–76) later surfaced on the Cuneiform CD Chronometers. They backed Fred Frith on his 1980 Ralph Records […]

Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers

Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers were an American soul-funk band from Washington, DC, that released two albums on Source Records during 1979 and 1980, followed by a later round of activity that yielded two 1984 singles on T.T.E.D. Records and three 1986–88 live releases on Future, Flame, and Fun House. In a prior incarnation, […]


Osiris were an American soul-funk band Washington, DC, that released their first and third albums — Since Before Our Time (1978) and Osiris the Band! (1980) — on Tom Dog/Warner, bisected by the 1979 release O-Zone on Marlin. In 1986, the nameplate was resurrected for a fourth album on Baad! Records. Members: Osiris Marsh (vocals), […]

Cherry People

Cherry People were an American pop-psych/bubblegum band that released a self-titled album on Heritage in 1968, scoring a minor hit with “And Suddenly” (originally by The Left Banke). Guitarist Punky Meadows later surfaced in pomp-rockers Angel. Members: Doug Grimes (vocals, harmonica, percussion), Chris Grimes (guitar, vocals), David Alves, Punky Meadows (guitar), Rocky Isaac (drums, ?-1972), […]

Mars Everywhere

Mars Everywhere were an American avant-rock/electronic band from Washington, DC, that debuted with the track “Attack of the Giant Squid” on the 1977 multi-artist release A Random Sampler on Random Radar Records, which issued the band’s singular album Industrial Sabotage in 1980. Members: Ernie Falcone (guitar, electronics), Tom Fenwick (synthesizer, 1976-79), Barney Jones (guitar, organ, […]

Urban Verbs

The Urban Verbs were an American New Wave band from Washington, DC, that released two albums on Warner Bros. in 1980/81. Vocalist Roddy Frantz is the brother of Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz. Members: Roddy Frantz (vocals), Robert Goldstein (guitar), Linda France (piano, bass), Robin Rose (synthesizer), Danny Frankel (drums, percussion) Discography: Urban Verbs (1980) […]

The Soul Searchers

The Soul Searchers were an American soul-funk band from Washington, D.C., that released two albums on Sussex between 1972 and 1974. Two further albums appeared at decade’s end with guitarist/vocalist Chuck Brown’s name promoted to featured status. Members: Charles “Chuck” Brown (guitar, vocals), John Buchannan Jr. (trombone, piano), Lino Driutt (percussion), Hilton Selton Jr. (organ), […]

Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul were an American jazz-funk/soul septet from Washington, D.C., that released a self-titled album on GSF in 1973, followed by a string of mid-decade singles on Mercury. Members: Joe Quarterman (trumpet, vocals), George R. Lee (guitar), Gregory C. Hammonds (bass), Allen Stewart (drums), Willie Parker, Jr. (guitar), Karissa Freeman (keyboards), […]

Peaches & Herb

Peaches & Herb were an American soul duo from Washington, DC. Members: Herb Fame (vocals), Francine Barker (vocals, 1965-67), Marlene Mack (vocals, 1967-70), Linda Greene (vocals, 1976-83) Discography: For Your Love (1967) Let’s Fall in Love (1967) Golden Duets (1968) Peaches & Herb (1977) 2 Hot! (1978) Twice the Fire (1979) Worth the Wait (1980) […]

South Shore Commission

The South Shore Commission were an American soul-funk band from Washington, D.C., that released a standalone single on Atlantic in 1970, followed by a self-titled album on Wand in 1975. Members: Warren Harding Hagood II (drums), Sidney Lanier Pinchback II (guitar), David Thomas Henderson (bass), David Abner Scott (vocals), Armed Allen McIntosh (trumpet, saxophone), Joe […]

The Blackbyrds

The Blackbyrds were an American soul-funk band from Washington, D.C., named after the 1973 album by trumpeter and band-mentor Donald Byrd, who taught the members at Howard University. The band released six proper albums and a soundtrack recording on Fantasy between 1974 and 1980. Members: Kevin Toney (piano, synthesizer, vocals), Keith Killgo (drums, percussion, vocals), […]