Brainticket were a Swiss space-rock band that released three albums on Hallelujah, Bellaphon, and RCA Victor between 1970 and 1973, plus two self-released titles during the early 1980s.

Members: Joel Vandroogenbroeck (flute, keyboards, vocals), Ron Bryer (guitar), Werni Fröhlich (bass), Hellmuth Kolbe (keyboards), Cosimo Lampis (drums), Dawn Muir (vocals), Wolfgang Paap (percussion), Barney Palm (percussion, drums), Jane Free [aka Gianfranca Montedoro] (vocals, percussion, whistle), Rolf Hug (guitar, tablas, vocals), Martin Sacher (bass, flute), Carole Muriel (vocals), Hans Deyssenroth (synthesizer, piano, computer), Wilhelm Seefeldt (synthesizer, computer)


  • Cottonwoodhill (1970)
  • Psychonaut (1972)
  • Celestial Ocean (1973)
  • Adventure (1980)
  • Voyage (1982)

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