Blackfeather were an Australian hard-rock/psych band from Sydney that released the album At the Mountains of Madness on Infinity in 1971, followed by a pair of 1972/74 live albums on the label. Members: John Robinson (guitar, 1970-71), Neale Johns (vocals, 1970-73, 1975-76, 1978, 1983), Leith Corbett (bass, 1970), Mike McCormack (drums, 1970), Robert Fortesque (bass, […]


McPhee were an Australian hard-rock/psych band from Sydney that released a self-titled album on Festival-subsidiary Violets Holiday in 1971. Members: Faye Lewis (vocals, percussion), Tony Joyce (guitar), Jim Deverell (keyboards, vocals), Benny Kaika (bass), Terry Popple (drums) Discography: McPhee (1971)


Steel were an American hard-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1971. Members: Carl Sims (vocals), Duane Hitchings (organ, piano, keyboard), Roland Robinson (bass, vocals), Steve Busfield (guitar, vocals), Jerry Norris (drums, vocals) Discography: Steel (1971)


Spirit was an American psych-rock band from Los Angeles that released three 1968/69 albums on Ode Records, followed by two 1970–72 albums on Epic and a four-album 1975–77 run on Mercury. Members: Randy California (guitar, vocals, 1967-72, 1974-97), Ed Cassidy (drums, 1967-72, 1974-97), John Locke (keyboards, 1967-72, 1976, 1982-85, 1988-89), Mark Andes (bass, 1967-71, 1974, […]

Stark Naked

Stark Naked were an American hard-rock/psych band from Levittown, NY, that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1971. Members: Richard Belsky (lead guitar), Paul Venier (keyboards, vocals, percussion), Lyne Bunn (vocals, percussion), John Fragos (drums, percussion, gong), Jim Monahan (vocals, guitar), Tom Rubino (bass) Discography: Stark Naked (1971)

The Stark Reality

The Stark Reality were an American jazz-rock/psych band from Boston that released the double-album …Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop on Ahmad Jamal‘s AJP label in 1970. Guitarist John Abercrombie subsequently became a leading light on the international jazz-rock scene. Members: Monty Stark (vibraphone, vocals), Phil Morrison (bass), Vinton Johnson (drums), John Abercrombie (guitar) Discography: …Discovers […]

Spoils of War

The Spoils of War were an American psych-rock band from Urbana, Ill., that self-released an eponymous EP in 1969. Between 1967 and 1970, the band recorded approximately three albums worth of material that was later released by archivists Shadoks. Members: Jim Cuomo (organ, piano, clarinet, dobro, dombura, saxophone, vocals, recorder), Roger Francisco [aka “RoFran”] (bass, […]


Propinquity were an American folk-psych band from Boulder, Colo., that released a self-titled album on Owl Records in 1972. Members: Carla Sciaky (guitar, vocals), Jason Potter (guitar, vocals), Jeff Harper (drums, percussion), Mel Stonebraker (guitar, vocals), Pat Hubbard (vocals, guitar, piano) Discography: Propinquity (1972)


Bear were an American pop-psych band from New York that released the album Greetings, Children of Paradise on Verve Forecast in 1968. The band were initially called The Children of Paradise for a standalone 1967 single on Columbia. Keyboardist Eric Kaz proceeded to the Blues Magoos and issued two solo albums on Atlantic before resurfacing […]

Jean-Luc Ponty

Jean-Luc Ponty is a French violinist who has been musically active since the early 1960s. Jean-Luc Ponty was born in Avranches, France, on September 29, 1942, to a pianist mother and a violinist father. At 18, he graduated with the Premier Prix from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. For the next three […]


Cynara were an American band from Boston that released a self-titled album on Capitol in 1970. Members: Jeffrey Watson (vocals, percussion), Michael Tschudin (keyboards), Cal Hill (bass), Les Lumley (percussion), Chip White (drums) Discography: Cynara (1970)


Road were an English-American hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Motown-subsidiary Natural Resources in 1972. Members: Noel Redding (bass, vocals), Rod Richards (guitar, vocals), Leslie Sampson (drums, vocals, percussion) Discography: Road (1972)

The Rainbow Press

The Rainbow Press were an American psych-rock band from New York that released two albums on Mr. G Records in 1968/69. Members: Dave “Joe” Groff (lead vocals, tambourine, maracas, recorder, oboe), Marc Ellis (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Dave Troup (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Larry Milton (electric piano, acoustic guitar, vocals), Charlie Osborne (organ, vocals), […]


Pollution were an American jazz-funk/soul band from Los Angeles that released two eponymous albums on Prophesy Records in 1971/72. Members: Dobie Gray (percussion, vocals), Táta Vega (percussion, vocals), Ronnie Barron (piano, keyboard), Terry Furlong (guitar), Jerry Jumonville (saxophone), Dennis Kensmore (drums, backing vocals), John Kenneth Lambert (bass, backing vocals), James Quill Smith (guitar, harmonica, vocals), […]

James Gang

The James Gang were an American hard-rock band that debuted with Yer’ Album on Bluesway in 1969, followed by four studio albums and a live disc on ABC Records, including the popular 1970/71 titles Rides Again and Thirds. Two songs, “Funk #49” and “Walk Away,” remain staples of classic rock radio. Multiple guitarists passed through […]


Broth were an American psych-rock/funk band from New Jersey that released a self-titled album on Mercury in 1970. Members: William Villanueva (saxophone, percussion, vocals), Carlos De La Rosa (horns, vocals), Eddie “Chino” Dominguez (percussion, vocals) Discography: Broth (1970)


Flow were an American sax-rock/psych band from Ocala, Fla., that released a self-titled album on CTI Records in 1970. Members: John Winter (piano, electric piano, organ, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, harmonica), Don Felder (guitar), Chuck Newcomb (bass, vocals), Mike Barnett (drums), Ed Shaughnessy (percussion), Angel Allende (percussion), Johnny Pacheco (percussion) Discography: Flow (1970)


Phluph were an American psych-rock band from Cambridge, Mass., that released a self-titled album on Verve in 1968. Members: Lee Dudley (vocals, drums), Ben Blake (vocals, guitar), John Pell (vocals, bass), Joel Maisano (vocals, organ) Discography: Phluph (1968)

Eddie Henderson

Eddie Henderson (born Oct. 26, 1940) is an American trumpeter, cornetist, and composer who got his start in Herbie Hancock‘s backing band Mwandishi. On Capricorn, he released the popular 1973/74 albums Realization and Inside Out. Switching to Blue Note, he issued the 1975/76 albums Sunburst and Heritage, followed by a trio of titles on Capitol, […]

Cherry People

Cherry People were an American pop-psych/bubblegum band that released a self-titled album on Heritage in 1968, scoring a minor hit with “And Suddenly” (originally by The Left Banke). Guitarist Punky Meadows later surfaced in pomp-rockers Angel. Members: Doug Grimes (vocals, harmonica, percussion), Chris Grimes (guitar, vocals), David Alves, Punky Meadows (guitar), Rocky Isaac (drums, ?-1972), […]


Zephyr was an American rock band that launched the career of guitarist Tommy Bolin. They released a self-titled album on ABC/Probe in 1969, followed by Going Back to Colorado on Warner Bros. in 1971. After Bolin jumped ship to the James Gang (and later Deep Purple), Zephyr released Sunset Ride with future Firefall guitarist Jock […]

Bacon Fat

Bacon Fat were an American blues-rock band from California that released two albums on Blue Horizon in 1970/71. The band was joined on these sessions by veteran harpist George “Harmonica” Smith (1924–1983), whose career stretched back to mid-’50s recordings by Otis Spann and Chuck Berry. In-house harpist Rod “Gingerman” Piazza cut numerous solo albums and […]


Fat were an American psych-rock band from Massachusetts that released a self-titled album on RCA in 1970, followed by a standalone single in 1971. After a half-decade silence, the band re-emerged with Footloose on self-press Dream Merchant Records in 1976. A further shortplayer appeared on the imprint in 1982, two years after their disbandment. Members: […]

1 (One)

1 were an American psych-rock/folk band from Bolinas, Calif., that released a self-titled album on RCA-subsidiary Grunt Records in 1972. Members: Mark Baker (drums), Reality “D” Blipcrotch [aka Jerry Wiley, Jerry Leroy] (vocals, percussion), Roger Crissinger (organ, piano), Frank Trevor Fee (bass), Donald Ensslin (rhythm guitar, banjo), Marc Granat (guitar, sitar, dulcimer), Sarah Oppenheim (vocals, […]


Zoo were a French sax-rock band that released three albums with accompanying singles on Riviera between 1969 and 1972. Members: Michel Bonnecarrère (guitar), Tony Canal (trumpet), Daniel Carlet (saxophone, violin), Joël Daydé (vocals, 1968-70), Christian Devaux (drums), Pierre Fanen (guitar, 1968-70), André Hervé (keyboards), Michel Hervé (bass), Michel Ripoche (saxophone, violin, trombone), Ian Bellamy (vocals, […]

Woody Shaw

Woody Shaw (Dec. 24, 1944 — May 10, 1989) was an American trumpeter and composer from Laurinburg, N.C. Discography: Jazz Patterns (1970 • Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw) Blackstone Legacy (1971) Song of Songs (1972) The Moontrane (1975) Love Dance (1976) Concert Ensemble at the Berliner Jazztage (1977) Stepping Stones: Live at the Village Vanguard […]

Yan Tregger

Yan Tregger is a French composer and vocalist who released numerous library recordings on assorted labels during the 1970s. Discography: Pictures (1970) Freezing Point (1972) Magnum (1973) Stories (1973) Schifters (1974 • Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger) Rythmiques statiques (1977) Catchy (1978) Ducks and Drakes (1979) Yann Tregger Orchestra (1980) Bloodnight (12ème Festival International de […]


Frantic was an American garage-psych band, formed in 1965 in Billings, Mont. Initially billed as The Frantics, they issued a standalone single on small-press Sunco Records in 1966. Re-situated in Los Angeles, Frantic released the album Conception on Lizard Music in 1970. Members: Max Byfuglin (vocals), Jim Haas (vocals, keyboards), Kim Sherman (guitar), David Day […]

Univeria Zekt

Univeria Zekt were an alter ego of French super-band Magma, supplanting the popular nameplate for the 1972 release The Unnamables on Thélème Philips. Members: Christian Vander (drums, vocals, percussion), Klaus Blasquiz (vocals, percussion), Francis Moze (bass, organ), François Faton Cahen (piano), Claude Engel (guitar, flute, vocals), Teddy Lasry (saxophone, flute, organ), Jeff “Yochk’o” Seffer (saxophone), […]


Trust was a French art-rock/psych band that released the album Le Mutant on Philips in 1970. Members: Charles Benarroch, Denys Lable, Jacky Chalard, Jean Schultheis Background Trust assembled in Paris in 1969 when percussionist Charles Benarroch and bassist Jacky Chalard teamed with guitarist Denys Lable and keyboardist Jean Schultheis. Benarroch (b. 1944) first recorded in […]


Triode were a French jazz-rock/folk band that released the album On n’a pas fini d’avoir tout vu on Futura in 1971. Members: Michel Edelin (flute), Pierre Chérèze (guitar), Pierre-Yves Sorin (bass), Didier Hauck (drums) Discography: On n’a pas fini d’avoir tout vu (1971)


Triangle were a French sax-rock/psych band that debuted with a pair of singles on Odeon in 1969, followed by three albums with accompanying shortplayers on Pathé between 1970 and 1973. Members: Papillon [Gérard Fournier] (bass, vocals, 1967-73), Pierre Fanen (guitar, 1967-69), Jean-Pierre Prevotat (drums), Alain Renaud (guitar, 1969), François Jeanneau (saxophone, keyboards, 1970-74), Paul Farges […]


Gypsy were an English folk-rock band from Leicester that released two albums on United Artists during 1971 and 1972. The band evolved from pop-psych combo Legay, which issued a single on Fontana in 1968. Drummer David “Moth” Smith later resurfaced in hard-rockers Flicks, which released the album Go For the Effect on Ariola in 1979. […]


Glencoe were an English rustic-rock band that released two albums on Epic during 1972 and 1973. The band featured ex-Skip Bifferty/ARC guitarist John Turnbull, former Greatest Show on Earth bassist Norman Watt-Roy, and Forever More alumni Stuart Francis. Turnbull and Watt-Roy subsequently cut an album as part of Loving Awareness and joined Ian Dury’s Blockheads. […]


Gass were an English jazz-rock/psych band from London that released the album Juju on Polydor in 1970, followed by a standalone single in 1971. The album features then-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green on two tracks. The band had previously recorded three 1965–67 soul-rock singles on Parlophone and CBS as “The Gass.” Their final activity was […]

The Ghost

The Ghost was an English folk-psych band from Birmingham that released the album When You’re Dead – One Second on Gemini in 1970. The prior year, guitarist/singer Paul Eastment recorded one album with psych-rockers Velvett Fogg. Members: Paul Eastment (vocals, guitar), Terry Guy (keyboards, vocals), Charlie Grima (drums), Daniel MacGuire (bass, vocals), Shirley Kent (vocals, […]


Fraction were an American psych-rock band from Los Angeles that released the album Moon Blood on Angelus Records in 1971. Members: Jim Beach (vocals), Don Swanson (lead guitar), Curt Swanson (drums), Victor Hemme (bass), Robert Meinel (rhythm guitar) Discography: Moon Blood (1971)


Fuse were an American psych-rock band from Rockford, Ill., that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1969. Members: Rick Nielsen (guitar, keyboards), Craig Myers (guitar), Tom Petersson (bass), Joe Sundberg (vocals, 1967-70), Chip Greenman (drums, 1967-70), Robert “Stewkey” Antoni (vocals, 1970-73), Thom Mooney (drums, 1970-71), Bun E. Carlos (drums, 1971-73) Discography: Fuse (1969)


Zerfas were an American hard-rock/psych band from Indianapolis that released a self-titled album on 700 West in 1973. Members: Dave Zerfas (drums, percussion, vocals), Herman Zerfas (keyboards, vocals), Mark Tribby (bass, guitars, vocals), Steve Newbold (bass, guitars) Discography: Zerfas (1973)


Orpheus were an American psych-rock band from Boston that released three albums on MGM in 1968/69, followed by a fourth on Bell in 1971. Members: Bruce Arnold (vocals, guitar), Jack McKenes (vocals, guitar), Eric “The Snake” Gulliksen (bass), Harry Sandler (drums) Discography: Orpheus (1968) Ascending (1968) Joyful (1969) Orpheus (1971)


Of Wondrous Legends, also known by the acronym O.W.L. , were an American folk-psych band from Chicago that recorded an album’s worth of material in 1971. Nearly four decades later, the music was released on an eponymous CD by archivists Locust Music. Members: John Knudson (flute), Al Keeler (vibraphone, marimba, bells, percussion), Sam Larderuccio (electric […]


Montage were an American chamber-pop/psych band from New York that released a self-titled album on Laurie Records in 1969. Keyboardist Michael Brown hailed from The Left Banke and would later surface in Stories and The Beckies. Members: Michael Brown (keyboards), Bob Steurer (vocals), Vance Chapman (vocals, drums), Mike Smyth (guitar, vocals), Lance Cornelius (bass, vocals) […]


Gulliver were an American rustic-rock band from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album on Elektra in 1970. Frontman Daryl Hall subsequently became half of the soul-pop duo Hall & Oates while guitarist Tim Moore released a string of solo albums. Members: Daryl Hall (vocals), Jim Helmer (drums), Tom Sellers (keyboards, bass), Tim Moore (guitars) Discography: […]


Corpus were an American hard-rock/psych band from Corpus Christi, Tex., that released the album Creation a Child on one-press Acorn Records in 1971. Members: Richard Deleon (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), William Grate (lead guitar, backing vocals), James Castillo (bass), Frudy Lianes (drums) Discography: Creation a Child (1971)


Toad were a Swiss hard-rock band from Basel that released two albums with accompanying singles on Hallelujah during 1971 and 1972, followed by a third album on Frog Records in 1975. Additional live and studio recordings from the period were later released by archivists Arkama. Members: Vittorio “Vic” Vergeat (guitar, vocals, piano), Cosimo Lampis (drums, […]


Pyranha were a Swiss jam-rock/psych band from Yverdon that released a self-titled album on Epsilon in 1972, followed by a self-pressed album of rock and roll covers in 1974. Members: Henry Skippy (saxophone), Wy Wyss (guitar), Armand Bucher (organ), Jacques Riccio (drums), Beb Anhas (bass), Christian Scheder (vocals) Discography: Pyranha (1972) Instant de Bal- Pyranha’s […]

Jazz Rock Experience

The Jazz Rock Experience were a Swiss brass-rock band that released the self-initialed album J.R.E. on Deram in 1970. Saxophonist Bruno Spoerri later recorded as an electronic artist. Members: Raffael Waeber (guitar), Kenny Schmidt (drums), Bruno Spoerri (saxophone), Hans Kennel (trumpet), Nick Bertschinger (Wurlitzer), Hans Foletti (bass) Discography: J.R.E. (1970)


Samson was an English brass-psych band from Manchester that released the album Are You Samson on small-press Instant in 1969. Members: Les Jones (guitar), Norman Findley (organ), Paul Ford (trumpet), Les Olbinson (bass), Mike Delaney (drums), Ian Kewley (vocals, french horn) Samson were among a handful of acts (The Outer Limits, Twinkle, Copperfield, Gulliver’s Travels) […]


Sandrose were a French symphonic/psych band that released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1972. Members: Jean-Pierre Alarcen (guitar), Rose Podwojny (vocals), Christian Clairefond (bass), Henri Garella (organ, Mellotron), Michel Jullien (drums, percussion) Discography: Sandrose (1972)

Rhésus O

Rhésus O were a French jazz-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1971. The band featured three bassists, including Francis Moze, who played on the 1970/71 albums Magma and 1001° Centigrades by chamber-rock heavyweights Magma. Members: Serge Lenoir (Bass), Francis Moze (Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Xylophone), Guy Pedersen (Double Bass, Bass), Thierry Blanchard […]

Richard Gilly

Richard Gilly (born Sept. 15, 1948) is a French singer/songwriter who was mostly active as a recording artist during the 1970s. He released three albums between 1971 and 1977 and an album per-decade between the 1980s and 2000s. Discography: Richard Gilly ‎(1971) Les Froides Saisons ‎(1975) Richard Gilly ‎(1977) Richard Gilly ‎(1984) Rêves D’éléphant ‎(1993) […]


Beau is the performance moniker of John Trevor Midgley, an English singer-songwriter who released the 1969–71 albums Beau and Creation on Dandelion Records. The first of those spawned the European hit “1917 Revolution.” After 38 years of no releases, a compilation of 1972–85 recordings appeared in 2009 on Angel Air Records. A lost album from […]


Aura were an American brass-rock band from Los Angeles that released a self-titled album on Mercury in 1971. Members: Al Lathan (vocals, percussion), Jerry Smith (bass, vocals), Bill Waidner (guitar), George Barr (trumpet, vocals), Fred Entesari (saxophone), Andy Foertsch (trombone), Sam Alessi (keyboards), Dennis Horan (drums) Discography: Aura (1971)

Leaf Hound

Leaf Hound was an English hard-rock band from London that released the album Growers of Mushroom on Decca in 1971. They sprouted from the final lineup of blues-rockers Black Cat Bones. Members: Peter French (vocals), Mick Halls (guitar, 1970-71), Derek Brooks (guitar, 1970-71), Stuart Brooks (bass, 1970-71), Keith George Young (drums, 1970-71), Ron Thomas (bass, […]

The Freeborne

The Freeborne were an American psych-rock band from Boston that released the album Peak Impressions on Monitor Records in 1968. Members: Bob Margolin (guitar), Nick Castoln (guitar, keyboard, vocals, recorder, cello), Dave Codd (recorder, harpsichord, percussion, vocals, bass), Mike Spiros (keyboards, chimes, bell tree, trumpet, percussion), Lew Lipson (drums, percussion) Discography: Peak Impressions (1968)

Shocking Blue

Shocking Blue were a Dutch psych-rock band from Den Haag that released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1968. After the arrival of vocalist Mariska Veres, the band issued seven albums on Pink Elephant between 1969 and 1974. Members: Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar, sitar, vocals, 1967-88), Cor van der Beek (drums, 1967-84), Klaasje van der […]

Sandy Coast

Sandy Coast were a Dutch Nederbeat/psych band from Voorburg that released a string of 1965–67 singles on Delta, followed by the album From the Workshop on Relax in 1968. A switch to Page One yielded the album Shipwreck in 1969, after which the band issued two albums on Polydor between 1971 and 1973. Members: Hans […]

The Motions

The Motions were a Dutch garage-rock/psych band from Den Haag that released three albums on Havoc/Negram between 1965 and 1968, followed by the Decca release Electric Baby in 1969. Guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen left after the second album to form Shocking Blue. Members: Rudy Bennett [Ruud van de Berg] (vocals), Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar, 1964-67), […]

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come was an English psychedelic space-rock band that released the 1971–73 Polydor albums Galactic Zoo Dossier, Kingdom Come, and Journey. They spun from the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Singer Arthur Brown appears before the Kingdom Come name in certain media. Late-period keyboardist Victor Peraino later led a US-based Kingdom Come. Members: Arthur Brown […]

Keef Hartley Band

The Keef Hartley Band was an English brass-rock ensemble that released five albums and a live disc on Deram between 1969 and 1972. Drummer–bandleader Keef Hartley and frontman–songwriter Miller Anderson later collaborated in Broken Glass and Dog Soldier, releasing one album with each band in 1975. Members: Keef Hartley (drums), Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals), Gary […]

Crystal Circus

Crystal Circus were an American psych-rock band from Los Angeles that test-ran the album In Relation to Our Times on small-press All-American in 1968. Members: Bruce Turner (lead guitar, vocals), Greg Munford (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bob Feldman (bass, vocals), Jack Bielan (keyboards, vibraphone, vocals), Gary Solomon (flute, saxophone, vocals), Terry Rae (drums, vocals) Discography: In […]


Help were an American rustic hard-rock trio from California that released two albums on Decca in 1970/71. Members: Chet McCracken (vocals, drums, percussion), Jack Merrill (vocals, guitar), Rob Rochan (vocals, bass, percussion) Discography: Help (1971) Second Coming (1971)