Quill were an American psych-rock band from Massachusetts that released a self-titled album on Cotillion in 1970. Drummer Roger North played in a later edition of the Holy Modal Rounders. Members: Dan Cole (vocals, guitar, trombone), Norm Rogers (guitar, bass, cello, vocals), Jon Cole (bass, guitar, vocals), Phil Thayer (keyboards, bass, saxophone, vocals), Roger North […]

Stained Glass

Stained Glass were an American psych-rock band from San Jose that released four singles on RCA Victor in 1966/67, followed by two albums on Capitol in 1969. The members initially cut a single as The Trolls. Bassist/singer Jim McPherson subsequently surfaced in Copperhead. Members: Jim McPherson (bass, vocals), Dennis Carrasco (drums, vocals), Roger Hedge (guitar, […]


Мелодия (Melodia) are a Russian jazz-funk big band from Moscow, started in 1973. The band released three albums during its first year on namesake label Melodiya, which issued 16 further albums by the band up through 1987. Members: Георгий Гаранян [George Garanian] (saxophone, 1973-82, 2004-present), Владимир Чижик [Vladimir Chizhik] (trumpet, 1973-74), Борис Фрумкин [Boris Frumkin] […]

The Fox

The Fox were an English pop-psych band from Brighton that released the album For Fox Sake on Fontana in 1970. Members: Steve Brayne (guitar), Alex Lane (keyboards), Tim Reeves (drums), David Windross (bass, 1968-70), Nick Apostilides (vocals, 1968), Winston Weatherill (guitar, 1968-70) Discography: For Fox Sake (1970)


Omnibus were an American psych-rock band from New Milford, NJ, that released a self-titled album on United Artists in 1970. Vocalist Robert Wegrzyn released a solo album under the moniker Wenchin on Buddah in 1975. Members: Robert “Bob” Wegrzyn (vocals), Joseph “Jay” Polt (guitar), Al Raimondi (keyboards), Robert “Bob” Marcinczak (bass), and Jerry Garino (drums), […]

The Illusion

The Illusion were an American psych-rock band from New York that released three albums on Steed Records between 1969 and 1970. Drummer Mike Ricciardella, keyboardist Mike Maniscalco, and guitarist Rich Cerniglia regrouped in hard-rockers Wiggy Bits in 1976. Maniscalco and Ricciardella subsequently reunited with Illusion-vocalist John Vinci in the band Network, which issued two 1977/78 […]


Christopher were an American psych-rock band from Houston that released a self-titled album on Metromedia in 1970. Members: Doug Tull (drums), Doug Walden (bass, vocals), Richard Avitts (guitar, vocals), Leon Rudnicki (bass), Terence Hand (drums), Ron Kramer (percussion), John Simpson (drums) Discography: Christopher (1970)

Leon’s Creation

Leon’s Creation were an American soul-funk band from San Francisco that released the album This Is the Beginning on Studio 10 in 1970, followed by an eponymous album under the shortened name Creation on ATCO Records in 1974. Members: Leon Patillo (vocals, keyboards), Jimmy Calhoun (bass), Dennis Marcellino (saxophone, vocals), Billy Gerst (trumpet), Joe Provorst […]


Euclid were an American hard-rock/psych band from Maine that released the album Heavy Equipment on Flying Dutchman in 1970. Guitarist/singer Gary Leavitt and his drumming brother Jay cut two singles with Dyer Brook garage-rockers The Cobras during the mid-1960s. Guitarist Ralph Mazzota hailed from Mass. psych-rockers Lazy Smoke. Members: Gary Leavitt (guitar, vocals), Maris Neibergers […]

Emily Bindiger

Emily Bindiger (born May 10, 1955) is an American singer/songwriter from Brooklyn who released the chamber-folk/psych album Emily on the French Pathé label in 1972. An appearance on Leonard Cohen’s 1974 release New Skin for the Old Ceremony is her only other credit from the decade. She reappeared with two pop singles on Handshake Records […]

Pig Iron

Pig Iron were an American brass-rock band from NYC that released a self-titled album on CBS/Columbia in 1970. Members: Alan Abrahams (lead vocals, drums), Marty Fogel (saxophone), Adam Ippolito (keyboards, trumpet, vocals), Bill Peters (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Squire (trumpet), Gary Van Scyoc (bass, trumpet, vocals) Discography: Pig Iron (1970)

Annette Peacock

Annette Peacock (born 1941) is an American avant-garde jazz vocalist and composer from Brooklyn who first emerged in the mid-1960s as a writer for pianist Paul Bley, her then-husband. His 1968 album Mr. Joy features her title-sake composition that was subsequently covered by Swedish vocalist Karin Krog and English jazz-rockers Affinity. As a performer, Peacock […]


Nucleus was a Canadian psych-rock band that released a self-titled album on Mainstream Records in 1969. Three fifths of the band formed A Foot In Cold Water. Members: Greg Fitzpatrick (bass, vocals), Sebastian Agnello (keyboards), Bob Horne (keyboards), Hughie Leggat (bass, vocals), John Richardson (guitar, vocals), Danny Taylor (drums) Nucleus evolved from the Lords of […]


Extradition were an Australian folk-psych band from Sydney that released the album Hush on Sweet Peach in 1971. Members: Colin Campbell (guitar, dulcimer, viola, percussion), Richard Lockwood (flute, recorder, harpsichord, harmonium), Shayna Karlin (vocals, organ, palm leaf), Bo Lloyd (chimes, bells, tabla), Graham Lowndes (vocals) Discography: Hush (1971)

World of Oz

The World of Oz was an English pop-psych band from Birmingham that released four singles and a self-titled 1969 album on Deram. Members: Christopher Robin [Chris Evans, aka Garbo] (vocals, guitar), Tony Clarkson (bass), David Kubinec (guitar, organ, 1968), David Reay (drums, 1968-?), Geoff Nicholls (organ, 1968-69), Rob Moore (drums), Peter Beckett (guitar, 1969) The […]


Dulcimer were an English folk-rock trio from Gloucestershire that released the album And I Turned As I Had Turned As a Boy on Nepenthain in 1971. A second album was recorded in 1972 that was ultimately released 20 years after the fact by archivists Background. Members: Richard Dodd (vocals), Dave Eves (guitar, harmonica, recorder), Pete […]


Duffy were an English hard-rock band that released the album Scruffy Duffy on PAN in 1973, followed by Just in Case You’re Interested on Ariola in 1974. Members: Stuart “The Queen” Reffold (lead vocals, harp, percussion), Barry “Fruity” Coote (lead guitar, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar), Joe Nanson (vocals, keyboards), Patrick “Patty” Sarjeant (bass, vocals), Will […]


Dogfeet were an English hard-rock/psych band from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, that released a self-titled album on Reflection in 1970. The album’s 1994 reissue includes six bonus tracks: four demos and two additional 10/11-minute live recordings. Members: Dave Nicholls (bass), Alan Pearse (guitar, vocals), Derek Perry (drums), Trevor Povey (guitar, vocals), TJ (bass, vocals), Mick (percussion) Discography: […]


Rodriguez — aka Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (born July 10, 1942) — is an American singer/songwriter from Detroit, Mich., who released a single on Impact Records in 1967, followed by two albums on Sussex Records in 1970/71. After losing touch with the industry, his work gained a mass following in South Africa, where his popularity remained […]


Catharsis were a French jazz-rock/psych band that released two albums with accompanying singles on Saravah in 1971/72, followed by four further albums on assorted labels, including two on Sonopresse between 1974 and 1976. Members: Roland Bocquet (Farfisa organ, piano, vocals), Niles Brown (guitar, violin, vocals), Charlotte (vocals, violin), Yves de Roubaix (guitar, vocals), Charles Eddie […]


Frantz were a French chanson-psych band that released the album Peut-être aux yeux-silence… on Cat Records in 1970. Members: Jean-François Perrier (acoustic guitar), Gilles Papiri (bass), François Auger (drums), Yves Chouard (electric guitar), Dominique Perrier (organ), Vincent Geminiani (percussion), Alain Wisniak (piano) Discography: Peut-être aux yeux-silence… (1970)

Gilbert O’Sullivan

Gilbert O’Sullivan — Raymond Edward O’Sullivan (Dec. 1, 1946) — is an Irish singer/songwriter from Waterford; raised in Swindon, England, from age 11-onward. He initially recorded as “Gilbert,” issuing two 1967/68 singles on CBS and a third on Major Minor in 1969. Between 1971 and 1977, he released five proper albums under his full name […]

Anno Domini

Anno Domini were an Irish folk-psych band from Dublin that released the album On This New Day on Deram in 1971. Members: Dave Mercer (vocals, guitar, bass), Kerry Scott (vocals, harmonica, percussion, 1970-71), David “Tiger” Taylor (guitar, vocals), John Evan-Jones (guitar, 1971), Trevor Jones (bass, 1971) Discography: On This New Day (1971)

The Temptations

The Temptations were an American soul group from Detroit, formed in 1961. They first charted in 1964 with “The Way You Do the Things You Do,” sung by tenor Eddie Kendricks. With baritone David Ruffin at the fore, they hit number-one with the evergreen ballad “My Girl,” co-written and produced by Smokey Robinson, who also […]

Peter Kaukonen

Peter Kaukonen (born Sept. 23, 1945) is an American rock guitarist from Topeka, Kan., who released the album Black Kangaroo on RCA-subsidiary Grunt Records in 1972. He is the younger brother of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. Prior to recording Black Kangaroo, Peter Kaukonen toured with his brother’s two bands and recorded with songwriter […]

Hubert Laws

Hubert Laws (born Nov. 10, 1939) is an American flutist from Houston. He is the eldest of kin in the musical Laws family, which also includes saxophonist Ronnie Laws and vocalists Eloise and Debra Laws. Discography: The Laws of Jazz (1965) Flute By-Laws (1966) Laws’ Cause (1969) Afro-Classic (1970) Crying Song (1970) The Rite of […]

Mother Night

Mother Night were an American soul-funk band from NYC that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1972, followed by a standalone single on Buddah in 1973. Members: Ronnie Pace (vocals, trumpet, piano, congas), Eddie Martinez (guitar, vocals), Val Burke (bass, vocals), Arnold Ramsey (drums, organ, guitar, bass, saxophone), Skip McPhee (organ, vocals), Sonny McPhee […]

Rock Workshop

Rock Workshop was a British brass-rock and blues band that released the 1970–71 CBS albums Rock Workshop and The Very Last Time. The first features Scottish singer Alex Harvey, pre-Sensational Band. Guitarist Ray Russell arranged both albums, which also feature trumpeter Harry Beckett. Members: Alan Greed, Alan Rushton, Alex Harvey, Bob Downes, Brian Miller, Bud […]

JSD Band

JSD Band were a Scottish folk-rock band from Glasgow that released the album Country of the Blind on Regal Zonophone in 1970, followed by a self-titled second album on Cube in 1972 and a third, Travelling Days, in 1973. Members: Jim Divers (bass, cello, vocals), Sean O’Rourke (harmonica, banjo, vocals, piccolo, flute, guitar), Des Coffield […]

Forever More

Forever More were a Scottish pop-psych band that released two albums on RCA Victor during 1970 and 1971. Bassist/vocalist Alan Gorrie became a mainstay of soul-funksters the Average White Band. Members: Stuart Francis (drums), Alan Gorrie (bass, vocals), Onnie McIntyre (guitar), Mick Travis [Mick Strode] (lead guitar, vocals) Discography: Yours (1970) Words on Black Plastic […]

Good Rats

The Good Rats were an American hard-rock band from Jamaica, NY, that released albums on assorted labels between 1969 and 1981. Members: Ted Haenlein (1964-68, 1970-72), Frank Stapleton (1964-68), Eric Crane (1964-68), Denny Ryan, Peppi Marchello (lead vocals, 1964-2013), Crazy Artie (bass), Gene Marchello (lead guitar, vocals), Stefan “The Weasel” Marchello (bass, vocals), Mike Haupt […]


Quiver was an English rustic-rock band from London that released two albums on Warner Bros. in 1971 and 1972. They subsequently merged with folk-pop duo the Sutherland Brothers for a five-album run (1973–1977). Bassist Bruce Thomas, who departed one album into the merger, appeared in the 1975 one-off Moonrider with ex-Tomorrow vocalist Keith West. He […]


Quintessence were an English raga-psych band from London that released three albums on Island between 1969 and 1971, followed by two further albums on RCA Victor in 1972. Members: Raja Ram [Ron Rothfield] (vocals, flute, percussion), Shiva Jones [Phil Jones] (vocals, keyboards, percussion, 1969-72), Alan Mostert (lead guitar), Maha Dev [Dave Codling] (rhythm guitar, 1969-72), […]

Quiet World

Quiet World was an English folk-psych band that released the concept album The Road on Dawn in 1970. The band featured two sets of brothers that each gained renown in different fields of entertainment: future playwrights/filmmakers John and Lea Heather — who formed the band with their songwriting/non-performing third brother Neil — and guitarists John […]


Sugarloaf were an American psych-rock band from Denver that released two albums on Liberty in 1970/71, followed by an album apiece on Brut and Claridge. Members: Jerry Corbetta (vocals, keyboards), Rob Webber (guitar), Bob Raymond (bass), Bob MacVittie (drums, 1969-74), Bob Yeazel (guitar, 1971-73), Myron Pollack (drums, 1974-75) Discography: Sugarloaf (1970) Spaceship Earth (1971) I […]

Asylum Choir

Asylum Choir were an American rock duo comprised of keyboardist Leon Russell and guitarist Marc Benno. The pair released the album Look Inside on Mercury in 1968 and recorded a followup in 1969 that was later released on Russell’s Shelter Records. Members: Leon Russell (keyboards), Marc Benno (guitar) Discography: Look Inside (1968) Asylum Choir II […]

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly were an American psych-rock band from San Diego that released four albums and a live disc on Atco between 1968 and 1970, followed by a pair of albums on MCA in 1975. Members: Doug Ingle (organ, vocals, 1966-71, 1978-79), Danny Weis (guitar, 1966-67), Greg Willis (bass, 1966), Jack Pinney (drums, 1966), Darryl DeLoach […]

Harsh Reality

Harsh Reality was an English psychedelic hard-rock band that released the album Heaven & Hell on Philips in 1969. Members: Alan Greed (vocals, keyboards), Dave Jenkins (guitar), Steve Miller (bass), Dave Wingate (guitar, 1968), Chris Gordine (drums, 1968), Mark Griffiths (guitar, 1968-69), Roger Swallow (drums, 1968-69) Harsh Reality formed in 1968 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Discography: […]

Hard Meat

Hard Meat was an English psychedelic hard-rock band from Birmingham that released two albums on Warner Bros. in 1969/70. Members: Michael Dolan (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead vocals), Steve Dolan (electric bass, string bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Mick Carless (drums, percussion), Pete Westbrook (flute, 1970), Phil Jump (keyboards, 1970) Hard Meat was formed in […]


Comus was an English folk-psych band that released the 1971 album First Utterance on Dawn. After a temporary disbandment, a reconstituted lineup cut the 1974 Virgin release To Keep From Crying. Members: Roger Wootton (guitar, vocals), Andy Hellaby (bass), Bobbie Watson (vocals, percussion), Glenn Goring (guitar, vocals, bongos, 1968-72), Colin Pearson (violin, viola, 1968-72), Rob […]


CMU was an English folk-psych band that released the 1971–73 albums Open Spaces and Space Cabaret on Transatlantic Records. Members: James Gordon (vocals, percussion), Ian Hamlett (guitar, flute), Ed Lee (bass), Larraine Odell (vocals), Roger Odell (drums), Leary Hasson (keyboards), Richard Joseph (vocals, guitar), Steve Cook (bass, guitar) Formation The Contemporary Music Unit formed in […]

Earth Opera

Earth Opera were an American psych-rock band from Boston that released two albums on Elektra in 1968/69. Members: Peter Rowan (guitar, saxophone, vocals), David Grisman (mandolin, keyboards, saxophone, vocals), John Nagy (bass, cello), Paul Dillon (drums, guitar, percussion, vocals), Bill Stevenson (keyboards, vibraphone, 1967-68) Discography: Earth Opera (1968) The Great American Eagle Tragedy (1969)

Fever Tree

Fever Tree were an American psych-rock band from Houston that released three albums on Uni in 1968/69, followed by a fourth on Ampex in 1971. Members: Michael Knust (guitar), Rob Landes (keyboards, woodwind), John Tuttle (drums), EE Wolfe III (bass), Dennis Keller (vocals), Grant Johnson (keyboards), Kevin Kelly (drums), John Clarry (drums), Kenny Blanchette (bass) […]


Autosalvage were an American blues-rock/psych band from New York that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1968. Members: Thomas Donaher (vocals, guitar), Skip Boone (bass, guitar, piano), Rick Turner (guitar, banjo, dulcimer), Darius LaNoue Davenport (drums, vocals, oboe, keyboards, guitar, bass) Discography: Autosalvage (1968)

Blue Mountain Eagle

Blue Mountain Eagle were an American psych-rock band from Los Angeles that released a self-titled album on Atco in 1970. Members: Joey Newman (vocals, lead guitar, keyboards), Bob “B.J.” Jones (lead guitar, vocals), David Price (guitar, vocals), Don Poncher (drums, vocals), Randy Fuller (bass, guitar, vocals, 1969-70), David L. Johnson (bass, 1970) Discography: Blue Mountain […]


Noir were an English soul-psych band that released the album We Had to Let You Have It on Pye/Dawn in 1971. Members: Tony Cole (organ, piano, lead vocals), Barry Ford (drums, lead vocals), Gordon Hunte (guitar), Roy Williams (bass) Discography: We Had to Let You Have It (1971)

The Norman Haines Band

The Norman Haines Band was an English post-psych act led by the keyboardist and mastermind of Locomotive. They released the 1970 single “Daffodil” and the 1971 album Den of Iniquity, both on Parlophone. Another single, “Finding My Way Home,” appeared under the name Avalanche. Haines followed with the 1972 solo single “Give To You, Girl.” […]

White Witch

White Witch were an American art-rock/psych band from Tampa that released two albums on Capricorn between 1972 and 1974. Members: Beau Fisher (drums, bass, vocals), Ron Goedert (vocals, percussion), Buddy Pendergrass (keyboards, backing vocals), Bill Peterson (percussion), Buddy Richardson (lead guitar), Bobby Shea (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Charlie Souza (bass, percussion) Discography: White Witch (1972) […]

Mott the Hoople

Mott the Hoople was an English hard-rock band that released four albums between 1969 and 1971 on Island Records, followed by three albums and a live disc between 1972 and 1974 on CBS. After the departure of frontman Ian Hunter, they released two 1975–76 albums as Mott. They reached the UK Top 10 with “All […]

Mighty Baby

Mighty Baby (aka Azoth) was an English post-psych band that released the 1969–71 albums Mighty Baby and A Jug of Love. They evolved from the 1968 Rolled Gold lineup of The Action. In 1972, guitarist–singer Alan King formed Ace and Mighty Baby morphed into Habibiyya for a raga-folk album on Island Records. Members: Alan King […]

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet were an English raga-folk combo from London that released a self-titled album on Mushroom in 1972. Glaswegian sitarist Clem Alford followed up the project with a solo album, Mirror Image: The Electronic Sitar of Clem Alford, on Columbia (EMI) in 1974. Members: Clem Alford (sitar, esraj, Indian tambura), Alisha Sufit (vocals, guitar), Jim […]


Nucleus was an English revolving-door jazz-rock ensemble that released eight albums on Vertigo between 1970 and 1975, followed by a live disc on Contemp and two further albums on Capitol and Mood Records between 1977 and 1980. The band was formed in 1969 by veteran trumpeter Ian Carr, who had co-led the Don Rendell/Ian Carr […]

Blues Magoos

The Blues Magoos were an American garage-rock/psych band from the Bronx that released three albums on Mercury between 1966 and 1968. After a four-fifths lineup overhaul, two further albums appeared on ABC in 1969/70. Guitarist/singer Peppy Castro later surfaced in the bands Barnaby Bye, Wiggy Bits, and Balance. Original drummer Geoff Daking became an engineer, […]


Appaloosa were an American chamber-folk band from Boston that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1969. Guitarist/vocalist John Compton and violinist/vocalist Robin Batteau released one further album together as a duo in 1970. Batteau’s younger brother David was briefly a member of Appaloosa but didn’t play on the album. The brothers later released an […]


Faust was a German krautrock band from Hamburg that released the 1971/72 Polydor albums Faust and So Far, followed in 1973 by the Virgin albums The Faust Tapes and Faust IV, plus a collaboration with American composer Tony Conrad on the Caroline release Outside the Dream Syndicate. A decade after their split, unreleased material surfaced […]


Cactus were an American hard-rock/blues band from NYC that released four albums on Atco between 1970 and 1972. Drummer Carmine Appice and bassist Tim Bogert hailed from psych-rockers Vanilla Fudge. The pair would subsequently team with guitarist Jeff Beck in the power-trio Beck, Bogart and Appice. Members: Carmine Appice (drums), Tim Bogert (bass, 1970-2008), Rusty […]

Yellowstone & Voice

Yellowstone & Voice were an English chamber-pop duo that released a self-titled album on Regal Zonophone in 1972. Members: Peter Papini [Yellowstone] (vocals, guitar), Steve Voice (vocals, guitar) Discography: Yellowstone & Voice (1972) “Days To Remember” / “Grandmother Says” (1972) “Philosopher” / “The Flying Dutchman” (1972) “Grandmother Says” / “Thinking About You and Me” (1972) […]

Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane was an American rock band from San Francisco that released five albums between 1966 and 1969 on RCA Victor. Members: Paul Kantner (guitar, vocals), Jorma Kaukonen (guitar, vocals), Marty Balin (vocals, 1965-70, 1989), Signe Anderson (vocals, 1965-66), Bob Harvey (bass, 1965), Jerry Peloquin (drums, 1965), Jack Casady (bass, 1965-89), Alexander “Skip” Spence (drums, […]

Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn (born May 27, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Ottawa, best known for a long string of albums on the True North label, starting in 1970. His biggest hits include “Wondering Where the Lions Are” and the politically-charged “If I Had a Rocket Launcher.” He was born in Ottawa, Ontario, the son of […]


Quincicasm were an English avant-garde jazz combo from Gloucestershire that released a self-titled album on Saydisc in 1973. Keyboardist Julian Marshall later surfaced in the jazz-pop duos Marshall Hain and Eye to Eye. Members: Dick Pearce (flugelhorn), Malcolm Bennett (bass, flute), Julian Marshall (keyboards, vibraphone), Ken Eley (saxophone), Michael Ormerod (drums, percussion), Nigel Smith (drums, […]

Nite People

Nite People were an English jazz-rock/psych band from Bournemouth, Hampshire, that released the album P.M. on Page One in 1969. Members: Jimmy Warwick (vocals, guitar), Barry Curtis (organ, recorder), Chris “Fergie” Ferguson (drums, percussion, vocals), Patrick Bell (saxophone, flute, 1965-?), Francis Gordon [aka Francis Shipstone] (bass guitar, vocals, 1965-?), Martin Clarke (bass), Scott Kirkpatrick (bass, […]


Love were an American psych-rock band from Los Angeles that released four albums on Elektra between 1966 and 1969. Members: Arthur Lee (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, drums), Bryan MacLean (guitar, vocals, 1965-68, 1977-78), Johnny Echols (guitar, 1965-68, 2004-05), John Fleckenstein (bass, 1965), Ken Forssi (bass, 1965-68), Don Conka (drums, 1965, 1991), Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer (drums, […]

The Free Design

The Free Design were an American soft-pop/vocal group that released six albums on Project 3 Records between 1967 and 1971, plus a seventh on Ambrotype in 1972. Their sound, characterized by soft orchestral arrangements, jazzy rhythmic undercurrents and light, breezy harmonies, has retroactively been termed “sunshine pop.” Members: Chris Dedrick (guitar, trumpet, vocals, recorder), Sandy […]

Eternity’s Children

Eternity’s Children were an American soft-pop/vocal group from Cleveland, Miss., that released two albums on Capitol-subsidiary Tower Records in 1968. Members: Charlie Ross (bass), Roy Whitaker (drums), Jerry Bounds (guitar, 1965-68), Bruce Blackman (keyboards, 1965-68), Johnny Walker (guitar, 1965-68), Linda Lawley (vocals, 1966), Mike McClain (keyboards, 1968), Bo Wagner (percussion, 1968) Discography: Timeless (1968) Eternity’s […]

13th Floor Elevators

The 13th Floor Elevators were an American psych-rock band from Austin that released four albums on International Artists between 1966 and 1969. Members: Stacy Sutherland (guitar, vocals), Roky Erickson (vocals, guitar, 1965-68), Tommy Hall (jug, guitar, 1965-68), Benny Thurman (bass, violin, 1965-66), John Ike Walton (drums, 1965-67), Ronnie Leatherman (bass, 1966-67, 1968-69), Danny Galindo (bass, […]