Ambergris were an American brass-rock/soul band that released a self-titled album on Paramount Records in 1970, followed by a standalone single on said label in 1971. The band was formed by bassist/keyboardist Jerry Weiss, an original member of Blood, Sweat & Tears who played on that band’s 1968 debut Child Is the Father to Man. Fellow keyboardist Larry Harlow issued a solo album, Yo Soy Latino, in 1979 amid ongoing commitments with the salsa ensembles Orchestra Harlow and the Fania All Stars.

Percussionist Jimmy Maelen became a prolific sessionier during the subsequent 18-year period, playing on albums by Herbie Mann, Buddy Rich, Peter Gabriel, Lonnie Smith, Roberta Flack, O’Donel Levy, Rupert Holmes, Phyllis Hyman, Golden Earring, Garnet Mimms, Henry Gaffney, Carolyne Mas, Jimmy Ponder, Bionic Boogie, and numerous other artists. His one solo album, Beats Workin’, appeared on Pavillion in 1980.

Members: Jerry Weiss (bass, keyboards), Larry Harlow (keyboards), Charlie Camillari (trumpet), Harry Max (trumpet, bass), Jimmy Maelen (vocals), Billy Shay (guitar, harmonica), Lewis Kahn (trombone), Glenn Jon Miller (trombone), Gil Fields (drums)


  • Ambergris (1970)
  • “The Bible Salesman” / “Rise Up” (1971)

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