Frantic was an American garage-psych band, formed in 1965 in Billings, Mont. Initially billed as The Frantics, they issued a standalone single on small-press Sunco Records in 1966. Re-situated in Los Angeles, Frantic released the album Conception on Lizard Music in 1970.

Members: Max Byfuglin (vocals), Jim Haas (vocals, keyboards), Kim Sherman (guitar), David Day (bass), Dennis Devlin (guitar), Phil “Gordo” Head (drums)

Vocalist Jim Haas cut three singles on United Artists in the mid-1970s, including a cover of the Russ Ballard composition “I Don’t Believe In Miracles.” He also became a prolific backing vocalist, appearing on albums by Rick Springfield (Wait for Night), Boz Scaggs (“1993” on Down Two Then Left), Sparks (Introducing Sparks), Pink Floyd (The Wall), Tin Huey (Contents Dislodged During Shipment), and numerous other artists, including Rita Coolidge, Barbra Streisand, Maxine Nightingale, Harvey Mason, Teri DeSario, John O’Banion, David Essex, Toni Basil, Laura Branigan, Red Rider, and Mariya Takeuchi.


  • “Route 66” / “La Do Da Da” (1966 • The Frantics)
  • Conception (1970)

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