Bakery were an Australian hard-rock/psych band from Perth that released two albums on Astor in 1971.

Members: Peter Walker (guitar), Mal Logan (keyboards, 1970), Hank Davis (drums, 1970-72), John Worrall (vocals, flute, 1970-72), Eddie McDonald (bass, 1970-72), Rex Bullen (keyboards, 1971), Tom Davidson (vocals, 1971), Mark Verschuer (vocals, 1971-73), Peter Ewing (organ, vocals, 1972), Steve Hogg (bass, vocals, 1972-73), Phil Lawson (bass, 1973), Jackie Orszáczky (bass, 1973-75), Barry Leef (vocals, 1973-75)


  • Momento (1971)
  • Rock Mass for Love (1971)

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