Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come were an English space-rock/psych band that released three albums on Polydor between 1971 and 1973. The band was led by vocalist/performer Arthur Brown, who features before the nameplate in certain media.

Members: Arthur Brown (vocals, drum machine), Dave Ambrose (bass, 1970), Pete Bailey (percussion, 1970), Robert Ellwood (guitar, 1970), Rob Tait (drums, 1970), Goodge Harris (keyboards, 1970-?), Andy Dalby (guitar, vocals, 1970-73), Andy McCulloch (drums, 1970-?), Des Fisher (bass, 1970-?), Slim Steer (drums, ?-72), Julian Paul Brown (keyboards, 1970-), Phil Shutt [aka Phil Curtis] (bass, ?-1973), Victor Peraino (keyboards, ?-1973)

  • Galactic Zoo Dossier (1971)
  • Kingdom Come (1972)
  • Journey (1973)
  • Jam (1995, recorded 1970)

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