Delivery — alternately billed as Carol Grimes & Delivery — was an English jazz-rock/soul band that released the album Fools Meeting on B & C Records in 1970. The band served as an early vehicle for future members of Soft Machine, Hatfield & the North, and National Health. Members: Phil Miller (guitar), Steve Miller (piano), […]


Centipede was an English avant-garde jazz big-band led by pianist Keith Tippett for the 1971 RCA/Neon double-album Septober Energy, comprised of a title-sake improvisation split across four sides. It was produced by Robert Fripp shortly after Tippet’s involvement with the 1970 King Crimson albums In the Wake of Poseidon and Lizard. The 50+ ensemble featured […]

Judie Tzuke ‎– Welcome to the Cruise (1979)

Welcome to the Cruise is the debut album by English songwriter/vocalist Judie Tzuke, released in 1979 on Rocket. Stateside, the album was titled Stay With Me Till Dawn to capitalize on the popular closing ballad. Tracklist: A1. “Welcome to the Cruise” (4:58) A2. “Sukarita” (3:29) A3. “For You” (2:42) A4. “These Are the Laws” (4:45) […]

Barbara Thompson – Paraphernalia (1978)

Paraphernalia is an album by English jazz-rock woodwindist Barbara Thompson, released in 1978 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “Goodtyme Mr. Sam” (3:50) A2. “Study To Be Quiet” (4:45) A3. “La Tranquillité D’ame” (6:04) A4. “Spanish Memories” (5:03) B1. “Sicilian Sting” (6:12) B2. “Next Spring” (4:56) B3. “Temple Song” (7:39) B4. “Stairways” (4:17) Credits: Bass – Roy Babbington […]