Westfauster were an American psych-rock trio from Cincinnati that released the album In a King’s Dream on Nasco Records in 1971.

Members: Michael Newland (flute, saxophone, vibraphone), Stephen Helwig (drums, vocals), C. W. Fauster (piano, harpsichord, bass, keyboards, vocals)


  • In a King’s Dream (1971)

1 thought on “Westfauster

  1. I was a roadie for these guys when they were located in Windsor Ontario .
    They were playing locally , the fellows were Chuck,Bo and Roger. Chuck was married and Linda was his wife.
    While in Windsor they were working at going back to the USA.
    They continued on .
    I knew Chuck was from Ottawa and in 79 or 80 ,I tracked him down thru the musicians union , as I was in town playing bass in a band .
    We exchanged greetings and that was the last time I’ve heard from him.

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