The Motors

The Motors were an English pop-rock band from London that released three albums on Virgin between 1977 and 1980. The band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Nick Garvey and keyboardist/bassist Andy McMaster after the breakup of their prior outfit Ducks Deluxe. Garvey also appeared on the 1976 one-off single by Snakes, where he played alongside future-Wire […]


Birthright were an American jazz tentet from Buffalo, N.Y., that released two albums between 1974 and 1976. Members: Joe Ford (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, electric piano), Paul Gresham (tenor saxophone), Nasar Abadey (drums, percussion), Jim Kurzdorfer (acoustic bass, electric bass), Onaje Allan Gumbs (electric piano, piano), Jimmy Manuel (piano), Beverly Simms (percussion, vocals), Greg Millar […]


Oregon are an American ethno-jazz band from Eugene, Ore., formed in 1970. Members: Collin Walcott (percussion, tabla, sitar, dulcimer, 1970-84), Glen Moore (bass, clarinet, viola, piano), Paul McCandless (bass clarinet, oboe, horn, soprano saxophone, synthesizer, wind synthesizer), Ralph Towner (flugelhorn, classical guitar, piano, percussion, 12-string guitar, guitar, Hammond organ), Trilok Gurtu (percussion, tabla, 1987-93), Mark […]

Grover Washington Jr.

Grover Washington Jr. (Dec. 12, 1943 — Dec. 17, 1999) was an American jazz-funk and soul-jazz saxophonist who released 10 albums on Kudo between 1971 and 1977, followed by multiple titles on Motown, Elektra, and Columbia during the next two decades. Washington was born on December 12, 1943, to a musical family in Buffalo, New […]

Ted Curson

Ted Curson — aka Theodore Curson (June 3, 1935 — Nov. 4, 2012) — was an American post-bop/jazz-funk trumpeter from Philadelphia. Discography: Plenty of Horn (1961) Plays Fire Down Below (1963) Tears for Dolphy (1964 • Ted Curson Quartet) The New Thing and the Blue Thing (1965) Urge (1966) Ode to Booker Ervin (1970) Pop […]

John Handy

John Handy (born Feb. 3, 1933) is an American post-bop/jazz-funk multireedist from Dallas. Discography: No Coast Jazz (1961 • John Handy III) Jazz (1962 • John Handy III) John Handy (1965) The 2nd John Handy Album (1966 • The John Handy Quintet) Recorded Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival (1966) New View! (1967 • The […]


Synergy is the recording/performance moniker of American electronic musician Larry Fast (born Dec. 10, 1951), who released seven albums under the name on Passport Records between 1975 and 1982. Discography: Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra (1975) Sequencer (1976) Cords (1978) Games (1979) Audion (1981) Computer Experiments: Volume One (1981) The Jupiter Menace (1982) Metropolitan Suite […]

Orchestra Luna

Orchestra Luna were an American art-rock/operatic ensemble from Boston that released an eponymous, Rupert Homes-produced album on Epic in 1975. Members: Rick Berlin (keyboards), Scott Chambers (bass), Randy Roos (guitar), Don Mulvaney (drums), Lisa Kinscherf (vocals), Liz Gallagher (vocals), Peter Barrett (vocals), Steven Paul Perry (guitar), Chet Cahill (bass), Bob Brandon (keyboards), Ace Holleran (drums, […]


Jobriath Salisbury — aka Bruce Wayne Campbell (Dec. 14, 1946 — Aug. 3, 1983) — was an American singer, pianist, and songwriter from King of Prussia, Penn., who released two albums on Elektra between 1973 and 1974. Discography: Jobriath (1973) Creatures of the Street (1974) As the River Flows (2014, recorded 1972)

The Lyman Woodard Organization

The Lyman Woodard Organization were an American jazz-funk ensemble from Detroit. Members: Lyman Woodard (electric piano, organ, Mellotron), Leonard King (drums), Ron English (guitar, bass), Bud Spangler (percussion), Lorenzo Brown (percussion), Norma Bell (saxophone), Charles Moore (triangle), Robert Lowe (guitar), Kerry Campbell (saxophone), Allan Barnes (saxophone), Marcus Belgrave (trumpet), Ron Jackson (trumpet), Leroy Emmanuel (vocals) […]

Leroy Vinnegar

Leroy Vinnegar (July 13, 1928 — Aug. 3, 1999) was an American post-bop/jazz standup bassist from Indianapolis. Discography: Modern Jazz Performances of Songs From Li’l Abner (1957 • Shelly Manne & His Friends (André Previn, and Leroy Vinnegar) Leroy Walks! (1958 • The Leroy Vinnegar Sextet) Leroy Walks Again (1962 • Leroy Vinnegar Quintet) Jazz’s […]

Larry Willis

Larry Willis (Dec. 20, 1940 — Sept. 29, 2019) was an American jazz-funk pianist and composer from NYC. Discography: A New Kind of Soul (1970) Inner Crisis (1974) Just in Time (1989) Heavy Blue (1990) Let’s Play (1991) How Do You Keep the Music Playing (1992) Steal Away (1992) Unforgettable (1992) Solo Spirit (1993) A […]


Stuff were an American jazz-funk supergroup that released three albums and two live discs on Warner Bros. between 1976 and 1980. Members: Gordon Edwards (bass), Richard Tee (keyboards), Eric Gale (guitar), Cornell Dupree (guitar), Steve Gadd (drums), Chris Parker (drums) Discography: Stuff (1976) More Stuff (1977) Live Stuff (1978) Stuff It (1979) Live in New […]

Oliver Nelson

Oliver Nelson (June 4, 1932 — Oct. 28, 1975) was an American post-bop/jazz-funk saxophonist, clarinetist, arranger, composer, and bandleader from St. Louis. Discography: Meet Oliver Nelson (1959) Taking Care of Business (1960) Screamin’ the Blues (1961 • Oliver Nelson Sextet) Straight Ahead (1961 • Oliver Nelson with Eric Dolphy) Nocturne (1961) The Blues and the […]

Tony Williams

Tony Williams — aka Tillmon Anthony Williams (Dec. 12, 1945 — Feb. 23, 1997) — was an American post-bop/jazz-funk drummer from Chicago. Discography: Life Time (1965 • Anthony Williams) Spring (1966 • Anthony Williams) Emergency! (1969 • The Tony Williams Lifetime) Turn It Over (1970 • The Tony Williams Lifetime) Ego (1971 • The Tony […]

Stanley Turrentine

Stanley Turrentine (April 5, 1934 — Sept. 12, 2000) was an American post-bop/jazz-funk tenor saxophonist from Pittsburgh. Discography: Look Out! (1960) Blue Hour (1961 • Stanley Turrentine With The 3 Sounds) Stan “The Man” Turrentine (1962) Dearly Beloved (1962) That’s Where It’s At (1962) Never Let Me Go (1963) Soul Shoutin’ (1964 • Shirley Scott […]

Captain Beefheart

Captain Beefheart was the performance moniker of Don Van Vliet (Jan. 15, 1941 — Dec. 17, 2010), an American musician, singer, poet, songwriter, and painter from Glendale, Calif., who was active as a recording artist between 1967 and 1982, releasing 11 albums with his avant-blues Magic Band. Magic Band members: Captain Beefheart (vocals, harmonica, saxophone, […]

Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond was an English hard-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1977 on Island Records. Singer David Byron formed the band after his dismissal from Uriah Heep. They included guitarist Clem Clempson (Colosseum, Humble Pie) and drummer Geoff Britton (East of Eden, Wings). After Bryon left for a solo career, the others carried […]


Cory Braverman is an American soul-rock vocalist who released the album Fire Sign on RCA-subsidiary Phantom Records in 1976. In 1982, she briefly reemerged on TSOP with the standalone single “The Smirf.” Discography: Fire Sign (1976) “The Smirf” / “The Smirf (Instr.)” (1982)

Celia Yancey

Celia Yancey is an American soul-rock vocalist who released the album Yancey with accompanying singles on GRT (U.S.) and Bellaphon (Germany) in 1976. The album was reissued as Southern Lady, complete with different cover art, on Brylen Records in 1982. Discography: Yancey (1976)

Pierre Moerlen’s Gong

Pierre Moerlen’s Gong was a French jazz-rock band that functioned as a continuation of Gong following the departure of Daevid Allen, with percussionist Moerlen assuming the reigns. This iteration of the band released six albums between 1975 and 1981, the last three of which bear the affixed nameplate.  Members: Pierre Moerlen (drums), Benoit Moerlen (percussion, […]


Sharks were an English hard-rock/blues band that released two albums on Island during 1973 and 1974. The band was formed by ex-Free bassist Andy Fraser and journeyman guitarist Chris Spedding. Members: Andy Fraser (bass, piano), Chris Spedding (guitar), Marty Simon (drums), Steve Parsons (guitar, vocals), Busta Jones (bass, 1974), Nick Judd (keyboards, 1974), Jackie Badger […]

Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor were a New Zealander rock band that released two albums on Zodiac-subsidiary Key in 1977 and 1978. The band regrouped in the mid-1980s for an album on Zulu Records. Members: Graham Brazier (vocals, saxophone, harmonica, guitar), Harry Lyon (guitar, vocals), Dave McArtney (guitar, vocals, 1975-2013), Graeme Turner (drums, 1975-76), Tony McMaster (bass, 1975), […]


Dragon are a New Zealander rock band that released two albums on Vertigo in 1974 and 1975, followed by four titles on CBS/Portrait between 1977 and 1979. Another round of albums appeared on Polydor and RCA Victor during the mid-to-late 1980s. Members: Todd Hunter (bass, vocals, 1972-97, 2006-present), Ray Goodwin (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1972-76), Neil […]

Mother Goose

Mother Goose were a New Zealander art-rock band that released two albums on Mushroom Records between 1977 and 1979, followed by a third album on Parole in 1982. Members: Craig Johnston (vocals), Marcel Rodeka (drums), Pete Dickson (lead guitar, 1975-79, 1983-85), Justin McCarthy (lead guitar,1979-83), Kevin Collings (rhythm guitar), Steve Young (keyboards, 1975-82), Neil Shilkin […]

The Wurzels

The Wurzels were an English comedy-folk band from Nailsea, Somerset, originally formed in 1966 as a four-piece with vocalist Adge Cutler. In this configuration, the band released four albums on Columbia between 1967 and 1969, plus a fifth on Starline in 1972. Trimmed to a trio, the band released six proper albums between 1975 and […]

The Spiders From Mars

The Spiders From Mars were an English hard-rock band that initially formed in 1971 to provide instrumental backup for David Bowie. Guitarist Mick Ronson and drummer Mick “Woody” Woodmansey backed the singer on the 1969/70 albums Man of Words, Man of Music and The Man Who Sold the World. With the addition of bassist Trevor […]


Strapps were an English hard-rock band that released three albums on Harvest between 1976 and 1978, followed by a fourth on Eastworld in 1979. The band featured veteran drummer Mick Underwood (Episode Six, Quatermass, Sammy), who subsequently joined Gillan. Members: Ross Stagg (guitar, vocals), Joe Read (bass, vocals), Mick Underwood (drums), Noel Scott (keyboards, 1974-?), […]


UPP were an English jazz-funk band that released two albums on Epic during 1975 and 1976, the first produced by Jeff Beck. Drummer Jimmy Copley hailed from rustic-rockers Spreadeagle; he later did session work for Ann Lewis, The Quick, Go West, and Killing Joke. Keyboardist Andy Clark recorded three 1969–71 albums as part of the […]

The Pyramids

The Pyramids are an American spiritual-jazz ensemble from Yellow Springs, Ohio, that released three albums on namesake self-press Pyramid Records between 1973 and 1976. The nameplate was reactivated in the 2010s for a further round of titles on Cultural Odyssey, Strut, and Philophon. Members: Idris Ackamoor [Bruce Baker] (saxophone), Margo Simmons (flute), Kimathi Asante (bass, […]


Random were an American avant-rock band from Illinois that self-released the album Nothin’ Tricky in 1977. Members: Ralph Athey (clarinet, saxophone, vocals), Jerry Fiddler (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, vocals), Sam Kolmodin (bass guitar, contrabass, vocals), Sandy Robinson (violin, viola, vocals), Paul Shimandle (12-string guitar, percussion, vocals) Discography: Nothin’ Tricky (1977)

Yellow Autumn

Yellow Autumn were an American folk-psych trio from Compton, Calif., that released the album Children of the Mist on Vala Records in 1977. Members: Gary Creighton (acoustic guitar, dulcimer, piano, vibraphone, vocals), Erb Swanigan (flute, cello), Lorraine Dechter (tambourine, classical guitar, vocals) Discography: Children of the Mist (1977)

So & Co

So & Co were a French avant-psych band that released a self-titled album on Pathé in 1975. That same year, the band backed veteran singer/songwriter Gérard Entremont on his first full-length album, released on Pathé as Gérard Entremont & Co. Saxophonist Alain Potier subsequently appeared in Plat du Jour and Urban Sax. Members: Jacques Brely […]


Schtüng were a New Zealander symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1977. Members: David Bowater (saxophone, flute), Geoff Bowdler (percussion), Andrew Hagen (keyboards, vocals, guitar), Paul Jeffery (keyboards, vocals), Rob Sinclair (bass, vocals), Morton Wilson (guitar, vocals) Discography: Schtüng (1977)

Space Waltz

Space Waltz were a New Zealander art-rock band that released a self-titled album on EMI in 1975. Members: Alastair Riddell (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Eddie Rayner (piano, Hammond organ, Mellotron, synthesizer), Greg Clark (electric guitar), Peter Cuddihy (bass), Brent Eccles (drums) Discography: Alastair Riddell: Space Waltz (1975)


Think were a New Zealander art-rock band that released the album We’ll Give You a Buzz on Atlantic in 1976. Members: Alan Badger (bass), Phil Whitehead (guitar), Neville Jess (drums), Don Mills (keyboards), Ritchie Pickett (vocals), Kevin Stanton Discography: We’ll Give You a Buzz (1976)

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale (born April 2, 1949) is an American drummer, keyboardist, songwriter, and occasional vocalist from Canton, Ohio, who played in the garage-psych bands The Chylds and The Echos during the late 1960s. During the 1970s, he played on albums by Rick Derringer, Michael Stanley, Stephen Stills, Bill Wyman, the Outlaws, Jay Ferguson, and Dan […]


Lift were an American symphonic-rock band from New Orleans, formed in 1972. In 1974, the band recorded an album’s worth of material that was ultimately released as Caverns of Your Brain by the tax-scam Guinness label in 1977. Members: Chip Gremillion (keyboards), Chip Grevemberg (drums), Cody Kelleher (bass, 1972-75), Chris Young (rhythm guitar, 12-string guitar, […]

The Boomtown Rats

The Boomtown Rats are an Irish rock band that released six albums between 1977 and 1984 on Ensign and Mercury. Singer Bob Geldof was an outspoken new wave figurehead who later marshalled the all-star charitable projects Band Aid and Live Aid. Members: Bob Geldof (vocals), Johnnie Fingers (keyboards, vocals), Gerry Cott (guitar 1975-81), Pete Briquette […]