Manuel Göttsching

Manuel Göttsching (born Sept. 9, 1952) is a German guitarist who rose to prominence as the mastermind behind Ash Ra Tempel during the early 1970s. In 1975, he debuted as a solo artist with the album Inventions for Electric Guitar on Kosmische/Ohr. The following year, he resumed band activity in the electronic combo Ashra, which […]


Ashra were a German electronic band that grew out of the earlier Ash Ra Tempel, releasing four albums under the shortened nameplate between 1976 and 1980 on Virgin Records. Members: Manuel Göttsching (guitar, synthesizer, sequencer, bass, drum machine, gong, vibraphone, vocals), Lutz Ulbrich (guitar, synthesizer, piano, Mellotron, 1979-present), Harald Grosskopf (drums, percussion, synthesizer, vocals, 1979-present) […]

Manuel Göttsching ‎– Inventions for Electric Guitar (1975)

Inventions for Electric Guitar is an album by German guitarist Manuel Göttsching, released in 1975 on Kosmische Musik. Concurrent issues on Orh (France) and PDU (Italy) credit the album to his band, Ash Ra Temple, despite this being an entirely solo recording. “Echo Wave” – echoey arpegiated multi-notes in E (1-5-1)…dark low-E bass sound underlies […]

Ashra ‎– Blackouts (1977)

Blackouts is the second album by German guitarist/keyboardist Manuel Göttsching issued under the moniker Ashra. The album was released in September 1977 on Virgin Records. Tracklist: A1. 77 Slightly Delayed (6:42) A2. Midnight on Mars (6:50) A3. Don’t Trust the Kids (3:30) A4. Blackouts (4:18) B1. Shuttle Cock (8:25) B2. Lotus Parts I-IV (16:58) Credits: […]