Fanny was an American band from Sacramento, noted as one of the first all-female rock groups to put out albums. They released four albums on Reprise (1970–73) and a fifth on Casablanca (1974).

Members: Jean Millington (vocals, bass), June Millington (vocals, guitar, 1969-73), Alice de Buhr (vocals, drums, 1969-73), Nickey Barclay (vocals, keyboards, 1970-74), Patti Quatro (guitar, 1973-75), Brie Brandt [Brie Howard] (drums, 1973-74), Cam Davis (drums, 1974-75), Wendy Haas (keyboards, vocals, 1974-75), Padi Moschetta (percussion, vocals, 1974-75)



  • Fanny (1970)
  • Charity Ball (1971)
  • Fanny Hill (1972)
  • Mother’s Pride (1973)
  • Rock and Roll Survivors (1974)


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