Good Rats

The Good Rats were an American hard-rock band from Jamaica, NY, that released albums on assorted labels between 1969 and 1981.

Members: Ted Haenlein (1964-68, 1970-72), Frank Stapleton (1964-68), Eric Crane (1964-68), Denny Ryan, Peppi Marchello (lead vocals, 1964-2013), Crazy Artie (bass), Gene Marchello (lead guitar, vocals), Stefan “The Weasel” Marchello (bass, vocals), Mike Haupt (drums), Dan Smiraglia (keyboards), Mickey Marchello (guitar), John Gatto (guitar, keyboards), Lenny Kotke (bass), Joe Franco (drums), Bruce Kulick (guitar), Schuyler Deale, John Argento


  • The Good Rats (1969)
  • Tasty (1974)
  • Ratcity in Blue (1976)
  • Birth Comes to Us All (1978)
  • From Rats to Riches (1978)
  • Rats the Way You Like It…Live (1978)
  • Live at Last (1980)
  • Great American Music (1981)

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