Eddie and the Hot Rods

Eddie and the Hot Rods were an English pub-rock/punk band from Southend on Sea, Essex, that released three proper albums and a live EP on Island between 1976 and 1979, followed by a fourth longplayer on EMI in 1980. On their second album, Life on the Line (1977), the band was joined by ex-Kursaal Flyers lead guitarist Graeme Douglas. There was never anyone named Eddie in their lineup, though they were managed by one Ed Hollis (older brother of Talk Talk frontman Mark Hollis). Drummer Steve Nicol later surfaced in One the Juggler with ex-Burlesque singer/saxist Ian Trimmer.

Members: Barrie Masters (vocals), Dave Higgs (guitar, 1975-81, 1992), Steve Nicol (drums), Rob Steel (bass, 1975), Pete Wall (guitar, 1975), Paul Gray (bass, 1976-80), Lew Lewis (harmonica, 1976), Graeme Douglas (guitar, 1976-80), Tex Axile (drums), Warren Kennedy (guitar, vocals, 1984-85), Tony Cranney (bass, 1984-85), Russell Struther (bass, vocals), Gary Loker (guitar), Simon Bowley (drums), Dipster [Ian Dean] (bass), Richard Holgarth (guitar), Chris Taylor (guitar)


  • Live at the Marquee (EP, 1976)
  • Teenage Depression (1976)
  • Life on the Line (1977)
  • Thriller (1979)
  • Fish ‘n’ Chips (1980)

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