Michael Rother

Michael Rother (Sept. 2, 1950) is a German multi-instrumentalist who played in the bands Kraftwerk, NEU!, and Harmonia during the early-to-mid 1970s. Between 1977 and 1987, he released seven albums on Polydor and Sky Records. Discography: Flammende Herzen (1977) Sterntaler (1978) Katzenmusik (1979) Fernwärme (1982) Lust (1983) Süßherz und Tiefenschärfe (1985) Traumreisen (1987)


Harmonia was a German Krautrock trio that released the 1974–75 albums Musik von Harmonia and Deluxe on Brain. They were a merger of Cluster and NEU! guitarist Michael Rother. In 1976, Brian Eno joined them on sessions that later appeared on the archival disc Tracks & Traces. Members: Dieter Moebius (synthesizer, guitar, electronic percussion, nagoya […]


NEU! was a German Krautrock band that released three albums between 1972 and 1975 on Brain. Members: Klaus Dinger (vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards, shamisen, percussion, bandoneon), Michael Rother (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, piano, violin, zither, percussion, electronics), Eberhard Kranemann (bass, slide guitar, 1972), Uli Trepte (bass, 1972), Thomas Dinger (drums, 1975), Hans Lampe (drums, 1975), […]