Sinto were a German Latin-rock/funk band that released the album Right on Brother on Philips in 1972, followed by Sonho Negro on AMAYANA in 1978.

Members: Hannes Beckmann (violin, acoustic bass, percussion, vocals), Cotch Black (congas, percussion, vocals), Abu Dram (drums, percussion, vocals), Ralph Fischer (bass, percussion, vocals), Peter Holzwig (piano, organ, marimba, percussion, vocals), Alfred Jones (guitar, percussion, vocals), Charles Campbell (congas, timbales, background vocals, percussion), Johannes Faber (trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, background vocals), Anatol Gerasimov (tenor saxophone, flute), Ken Rhodes (piano), Edir dos Santos (drums, percussion, background vocals), Pery dos Santos (lead vocals, berimbau, percussion), Ken Taylor (bass), Felicia King (vocals), Jimmy Polivka [James Polivka] (trumpet)


  • Right on Brother (1972)
  • Sonho Negro (1978)

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