Ethel the Frog

Ethel the Frog was an English heavy metal band that released a 1980 self-titled album on EMI. Members: Doug Sheppard (vocals, guitar), Paul Tognola (guitar), Terry Hopkinson (bass, vocals), Paul Conyers (drums) Background Ethel the Frog formed in 1976 in Kingston upon Hull, where singer–guitarist Doug Sheppard and guitarist Paul Tognola teamed with bassist Terry […]

Red Dirt

Red Dirt was an English post-psych blues-rock band from Kingston upon Hull that released a self-titled album on Fontana in 1970. Guitarist Steve Howden concurrently played with music-hall popsters Fickle Pickle. They recorded a second Red Dirt album and morphed into Snake Eye for the concept album The Journey, both vaulted until the 2010s. Bassist […]

Red Guitars

Red Guitars were an English underground rock band that released the 1984–86 Virgin albums Slow to Fade and Tales of the Expected. They scored UK indie hits with “Good Technology,” “Marimba Jive,” and “Be With Me.” Members: Hallam Lewis (lead guitar), Matt Higgins (drums), John Rowley (rhythm guitar), Lou Howard [aka Louise Barlow] (bass), Jerry […]

Woody Woodmansey’s U-boat

Woody Woodmansey’s U-boat were an English pop-rock band that released the album U-Boat on Bronze in 1977. Drummer Mick Woodmansey (aka “Woody”) hailed from David Bowie‘s 1971–73 backing band the Spiders from Mars, which issued one album as an independent entity in 1976. Members: Mick Woodmansey (drums, vocals), Phil Murray (vocals), Frankie Marshall (keyboards, synthesizer), […]

The Beautiful South

The Beautiful South were an English sophisti-pop band from Kingston upon Hull that debuted with the album Welcome to the Beautiful South on Go! Discs in 1989, followed by nine further discs during the ensuing 16-year period. Vocalist/songwriter Paul Heaton and drummer David Hemingway hailed from The Housemartins. On their sophomoric 1990 release Choke, the […]

Indians in Moscow

Indians in Moscow were an English New Wave/synthpop band from Kingston upon Hull that released a self-titled album with accompanying b-sides on IDS-imprint Kennick in 1984. Members: Pete Riches (synthesizer, keyboards, programming), Stuart Walton (bass, synthesizer, keyboards, programming), Adele Nozedar (vocals, 1981-85), David Page (drum machine, 1981-?), Martin Gosnold (synthesizer, 1981-?), Richard Hornby (drums), John […]

The Housemartins

The Housemartins were an English pop-rock band from Kingston upon Hull that released two albums and assorted singles on Go! Discs Ltd. between 1986 and 1988. Members: Paul Heaton (vocals), Stan Cullimore (guitar, vocals), Ted Key (bass, 1984-85), Justin Patrick (drums, 1984), Chris Lang (drums, 1984), Hugh Whitaker (drums, 1984-87), Norman Cook (bass, 1985-88), David […]

Everything but the Girl

Everything but the Girl was an English sophisti-pop duo from Kingston upon Hull that released four albums and assorted shortplayers on Blanco Y Negro between 1984 and 1988, followed by a string of titles on Atlantic during the early 1990s. Members: Ben Watt (vocals, guitar, piano, programming), Tracey Thorn (vocals, guitar) Everything but the Girl […]