Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass were a German jazz-funk big band led by trombonist Peter Herbolzheimer (Dec. 31, 1935 — March 27, 2010), who assembled the first lineup in 1969 and kept the nameplate active for four decades.

Members: Peter Herbolzheimer (trombone, musical director), Art Farmer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Ack van Rooyen (trumpet, flugelhorn), Dusko Goykovich (trumpet, flugelhorn), Karl Barthelmes (trumpet, flugelhorn), Gerhard Lachmann (trombone), Rudi Füssers (trombone), Herb Geller (alto saxophone, flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, oboe), Dieter Reith (piano, organ, electric piano, keyboards), Heinz Kitschenberg (guitar, electric bass), Tony Inzalaco (drums), Jörg Gebhardt (drums) Horst Mühlbradt (conga, percussion, electric piano, keyboards), Hermann Mutschler (timbales, percussion), Erik van Lier (trombone), Philip Catherine (guitar), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (bass, electric bass), Louis “Sabu” Martinez (conga, bongo, tabla, percussion), Rick Kiefer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Palle Mikkelborg (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jiggs Wigham (trombone), Ferdinand Povel (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute), Sigi Schwab (guitar, electric sitar), Eddie Engels (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jupp Keuser (trumpet, flugelhorn), Ron Simmonds (trumpet, flugelhorn), Hans Thomas (trumpet, flugelhorn), Otto Bredl (trombone), Manne Gätjens (trombone), Åke Persson (trombone), Nick Hauk (trombone), James Towsey (soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, bass clarinet), Rob Franken (piano, electric piano, keyboards, synthesizer), Ingfried Hoffmann (piano, organ), Heinz Kästel (guitar), Rolf Kästel (guitar), Rob Langereis (bass), Günter Lenz (bass), Bo Stief (bass, electric bass), Jean Warland (bass), Todd Canedy (drums), Kenny Clare (drums), Ronnie Stephenson (drums), Jimmy Pratt (percussion), Claudio Szenkar (percussion), Inga Rumpf (vocals), Derek Watkins (trumpet, flugelhorn), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn), Bob Lanese (trumpet, flugelhorn), Vincent Nilsson (trombone), Eef Albers (guitar), Lucas Lindholm (bass, electric bass), Alex Riel (drums), Wolfgang Schlüter (percussion, marimba), Nippy Noya (percussion), Don Adams (vocals), Bart van Lier (trombone), Erich Kleinschuster (trombone), Allan Botschinsky (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jan Oosthof (trumpet, flugelhorn), John English (trombone), Thorolf Mølgard Kristensen (trombone), Wilton Gaynair (woodwinds), Sanne Salomonsen (vocals), Tamra Rosanes (vocals), Mikael Elo (vocals), Micke Herbozheimer (vocals), Joerg Reiter (piano, 1985-?), Thomas Stabenow (double bass, 1986-?)


  • My Kind of Sunshine (live, 1972)
  • Waitaminute (1973)
  • Wide Open (1973)
  • Scenes (live, 1974)
  • Live im Onkel Pö (live, 1975)
  • Hip Walk (1976)
  • Touchdown (1977)
  • I Hear Voices (1978)
  • Jazz Gala Concert (live, 1979)
  • Bandfire (1981)
  • Fat Man Boogie: A Tribute to Swing (1981)
  • Fat Man 2 (1982)
  • Bigband Bebop (1984)

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