Dieter Bihlmaier Selection

Dieter Bihlmaier Selection were a German free-jazz ensemble that released two albums on Creative Music and pläne between 1974 and 1976. A 43-minute SWF session of the band from 1973 was issued by archivists Long Hair in 2009.

Members: Dieter Bihlmaier (flute), Gerhart “Hartchen” Ziegler (drums), Harry Rettenbacher (bass), Jan Jankeje (bass), Gerhard Dietz (vibraphone), Wolfgang Lauer (bass), Wolfgang Lackerschmid (vibraphone), Michel Pilz (bass clarinet), Buschi Niebergall (bass), Heinz Bauer (saxophone)


  • Maskerade (1974)
  • Manipulsation (1976)
  • The SWF Session 1973 (2009)

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