Nektar is a German space-rock band that released seven studio albums and three live sets on Bacillus/Bellaphon between 1972 and 1978, followed by an eighth and final release on Ariola in 1980.

Members: Roye Albrighton (guitar, vocals, 1969-76, 1980-2016), Allan Freeman (keyboards, 1969-2004), Derek Moore (bass, vocals, 1969-78, 2002-04), Ron Howden (drums, 1969-78, 2002-present), Mick Brockett (1969-78), Dave Nelson (guitar, 1976-78), David Prater (drums, vocals, 1980-82), Carmine Rojas (bass, vocals, keyboards, 1980-82)

Nektar formed during a 1969 jam session in Hamburg, Germany, between four English musicians: guitarist/singer Roye Albrighton, keyboardist Allan Freeman, bassist/singer Derek Moore, and drummer Ron Howden. Albrighton hailed from UK beatsters The Peeps, which morphed into Rainbow and did a residency in Germany, where Roye decided to stay after the others returned to England and formed Still Life.

From its inception, Nektar was influenced by the art pop of The Beatles, the symphonic rock of King Crimson, and the psychedelic jams of Pink Floyd and Vanilla Fudge. Inspired by Floyd’s light-show visuals, Nektar employed two lighting specialists, Mick Brockett and Keith Walters, as official band members.


  • Journey to the Centre of the Eye (1972)
  • A Tab in the Ocean (1972)
  • …Sounds Like This (1973)
  • Remember the Future (1973)
  • Down to Earth (1974)
  • Sunday Night at the London Roundhouse (live, 1974)
  • Recycled (1975)
  • Magic Is a Child (1977)
  • Live in New York (live, 1977)
  • More Live Nektar in New York (live, 1978)
  • Man in the Moon (1980)


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