Still Life

Still Life was an English organ-rock/psych band from Coventry that released a self-titled album on the Vertigo “swirl” label in 1971. Vocalist Martin Cure had previously sung in the beat-psych groups The Peeps (1965–69), Rainbows (1969), and Cupid’s Inspiration. He later fronted hard-rockers Chevy for a one-off album in 1980.

Members: Martin Cure (vocals), Terry Howells (Hammond organ), Graham Amos (bass), Alan Savage (drums)

Still Life had roots in the Coventry beat group The Peeps, which issued five singles on Philips between 1965 and 1967. In 1969, the band mutated into Rainbows for two singles on CBS. After a residency in Germany, guitarist Roye Albrighton decided to stay and form Nektar. Vocalist Martin Cure, bassist Graham Amos, and organist Terry Howells returned to England, where they added drummer Alan Savage and became Still Life.

In 1971, Still Life released their singular album on Vertigo. It features three songs per side, including “Dreams,” “Love Song No. 9,” and “People in Black.” Howells composed half the album himself with two co-writes by Cure and one by Amos. The recording was overseen by Philips pop producer Stephen Shane and engineered by Mike Weighell (Galliard, Hungry Wolf, Wooden Horse, Renaissance, John Entwistle, Ro Ro). The original vinyl came in an under-fold sleeve conceived by the firm Design Machine (Uriah Heep, Magna Carta, Colosseum, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band).

Though contracted for five further albums, the band ended soon after Still Life when Cure departed for Cupid’s Inspiration. He later surfaced in the NWOBHM act Chevy, which issued the album The Taker on Avatar Records in 1980. Savage notched sporadic credits over the years, including the 1979 release To Know You Is To Love You by folk duo Linda and Martin Barry.

Still Life was first reissued by Vertigo Japan in 1977. The first CD issue appeared on Vertigo/Repertoire in 1991, followed in the 2000s by further pressings on Akarma and ADA Sound Ltd.


  • Still Life (1971)


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