Pell Mell

Pell Mell were a German symphonic-rock band that released two albums on Bacillus and Philips in 1972 and 1973, followed by a pair of albums on Venus during the latter 1970s. A fifth and final title appeared on CAIN in 1981.

Members: Bruno Kniedmeijer [Mitch] (drums), Rudolf Schön (vocals, percussion, guitar), Thomas Schmitt (vocals, violin, flute, Mellotron), Otto Pusch (piano, organ, 1971-75), Jörg Götzfried (bass, 1971-75), Dietrich J. Noll (organ, piano, 1973-75), Ralph Lippmann (keyboards, vocals, guitar, 1975-79), Cherry Hochdörfer (keyboards, 1975-79), Götz Dräger (bass, 1975-79), Ralph Fricke (guitar, 1979-81)


  • Marburg (1972)
  • From the New World (1973)
  • Rhapsody (1975)
  • Only a Star (1978)
  • Moldau (1981)

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