Nektar ‎– Recycled (1975)

Recycled is the sixth studio album by Hamburg-based English space rockers Nektar, released in 1975 on Bacillus/Passport. The album’s songs run together as a continuous suite.

Part One
A1. “Recycle” (2:47)
A2. “Cybernetic Consumption” (2:12)
A3. “Recycle Countdown” (1:51)
A4. “Automaton Horrorscope” (3:08)
A5. “Recycling” (1:46)
A6. “Flight to Reality” (1:18)
A7. “Unendless Imagination?” (4:36)
Part Two
B1. “São Paulo Sunrise” (3:05)
B2. “Costa Del Sol” (4:04)
B3. “Marvellous Moses” (6:37)
B4. “It’s All Over” (5:21)

Roye Albrighton — lead vocals, guitars
Mick Brockett — visual environment
Alan “Taff” Freeman — keyboards, backing vocals
Ron Howden — drums, percussion
Derek “Mo” Moore — bass, backing vocals

Larry Fast — Moog synthesizer
The English Chorale conducted by Robert Howes, arranged by Christian Kolonovits
Producer — Peter Hauke, Nektar

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