Günther Fischer Quintett

The Günther Fischer Quintett were an East German jazz-rock band that issued five albums on AMIGA between 1973 and 1978. The band’s first two albums were recorded in collaboration with Leipzig soul/jazz vocalist Uschi Brüning. A second pair of albums were cut with Duisburg singer/songwriter Manfred Krug. In 1978, the band released Kombination, produced by Jürgen Lahrtz with liner notes by Karlheinz Drechsel.

Members: Günther Fischer (flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, synthesizer, leader), Fred Baumert (guitar, percussion), Mario Peters (electric piano, Clavinet, synthesizer), Wolfgang “Eddie” Greiser (bass guitar, tuba), Wolfgang “Zicke” Schneider (drums, percussion)


  • Uschi Brüning und das Günther Fischer Quintett (1973)
  • Konzertmitschnitt (Uschi Brüning & Günther Fischer-Quintett, 1974)
  • No. 3: Greens (Manfred Krug / Günther Fischer-Quintett, 1974)
  • No. 4: Du Bist Heute Wie Neu (Manfred Krug / Günther Fischer-Quintett, 1976)
  • Kombination (1978)

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