Karthago were a German jam-rock band that released two albums on BASF between 1971 and 1973, followed by two further albums and a live double-LP on Bacillus and Crystal between 1974 and 1978.

Members: Tommy Goldschmidt (drums, percussion, vocals), Wolfgang Brock (drums, percussion, vocals, 1971-76), Joey Albrecht (guitar, vocals), Ingo Bischof (organ, vocals), Gerald “Luciano” Hartwig (bass, vocals, percussion, 1971-74, 1976), Norbert Lehmann (drums, percussion, 1972), Konstatin Bommarius (drums), Glenn Cornick (bass, 1974-76), Rolo Rodriguez (drums, 2003-present), Chris Rodriguez (bass, 2003-present), Frank Diez (bass)


  • Karthago (1971)
  • Second Step (1973)
  • Rock ‘n Roll Testament (1974)
  • Live at the Roxy (2LP, 1976)
  • Love Is a Cake (1978)

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