Nektar – …Sounds Like This (1973)

…Sounds Like This is a double-album by English/German space-rock/jam-rock band Nektar, recorded live in studio released in April 1973 on Bacillus.

A1. “Good Day” (6:46)
A2. “New Day Dawning” (5:04)
A3. “What Ya Gonna Do?” (5:25)
B1. “1-2-3-4” (12:50)
B2. “Do You Believe in Magic” (7:20)
C1. “Cast Your Fate” (5:46)
C2. “A Day in the Life of a Preacher / Squeeze / Mr. H” (13:05)
D1. “Wings” (3:48)
D2. “Odyssee” (14:37 — :01–6:48–8:56–13:27–14:30)

Roye Albrighton – lead vocals, guitars
Allan “Taff” Freeman – keyboards, vocals
Derek “Mo” Moore – bass, vocals
Ron Howden – drums, percussion
Mick Brockett – lights

Helmut Wenske – Cover design
Peter Hauke – producer
Dieter Dierks – engineer

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