Slave was an American soul-funk band from Dayton, Ohio, that released nine albums on Cotillion between 1977 and 1984, followed by six further albums on Ichiban Records over the subsequent 10-year period.

Members: Danny Webster (lead vocals, guitar), Floyd Miller [aka The Brother Slide] (vocals, horns, percussion, 1975-89, 1995-96), Mark Adams [aka The Hansolor] (bass, vocals, percussion, 1975-83, 1985-96), Mark Hicks [aka Drac] (lead guitar, vocals, 1975-80, 1988-96), Steve Washington [aka The Fearless Leader] (trumpet, percussion, vocals, 1975-80), Carter Bradley (keyboards, 1975-80), Tom Dozier [aka Tiny] (drums, 1975-80), Orion Wilhoite [aka Bimmy] (saxophone, 1975-80), Tom Lockett (saxophone, keyboards, 1975-80), Steve Arrington (drums, vocals, 1978-81), Curt Jones (vocals, 1978-80, 1984), Raye Turner (keyboards, 1978-80), Starleana (vocals, 1978-80), Delbert Taylor (flugelhorn, keyboards, trumpet, vocals, 1981-82), Charles Carter (saxophone, flute, keyboards, vocals, 1981, 1984, 1987-89), Sam Carter (keyboards, percussion, vocals, 1981, 1988-91), Roger Parker (drums, percussion, 1981), Kevin Johnson (guitar, 1981), Marvin Wheatley (keyboards, vocals, 1982-83), Ronny Cochran (drums, vocals, 1982-83), Aubrey Rivers (saxophone, horns, vocals, 1983-86), Kenny Hairston (keyboards, synthesizer, 1983-84), Eugene Jackson (vocals, 1983), Keith Nash (drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards, 1984-94), Wayne Foote (vocals, 1984), Billy Beck (keyboards, vocals, 1985-86), Tony ‘Shock’ Shockency (keyboards, 1987), Armenta (vocals, 1987), Dana Woodard (vocals, 1987), Vincent Owens (vocals, 1987)

Slave was formed in early 1976 by trumpeter Steve Washington and trombonist Floyd Miller. Washington played on the 1973 self-titled album by ex-Pleasure Fair guitarist Stephen Cohn, released on Motown.

The original Slave line-up included keyboardist Carter Bradley, bassist Mark Adams, guitarist Mark “Drac” Hicks, singer/guitarist Danny Webster, drummer Tim “Tiny” Dozier, and saxophonist Tom Lockett Jr. and Orion “Bimmy” Wilhoite. In late 1976, the nine-piece signed to Atlantic-subsidiary Cotillion and entered New York’s Century Sound Studios with band manager and producer Jeff Dixon.


  • Slave (1977)
  • The Hardness of the World (1977)
  • The Concept (1978)
  • Just a Touch of Love (1979)
  • Stone Jam (1980)
  • Show Time (1981)
  • Visions of the Lite (1982)
  • Bad Enuff (1983)
  • New Plateau (1984)
  • Unchained at Last (1986)
  • Make Believe (1987)
  • Slave 88 (1988)


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