Olympic Runners

The Olympic Runners were an English soul-funk studio ensemble that was active between 1974 and 1979, scoring hits with “Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is,” “Get It While You Can,” and “Sir Dancealot.” Assembled by producer Mike Vernon, the mystery band included prolific keyboardist Pete Wingfield and members of fellow UK funksters Hanson and Gonzalez.

Members: George Chandler (vocals), Mike Vernon (percussion), Glen LeFleur (drums), Joe Jammer (guitar), DeLisle Harper (bass), Pete Wingfield (vocals)

The group was assembled by veteran producer Mike Vernon (Bluesbreakers, Ten Years After, Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, Bacon Fat, David Bowie, Focus, Web). He needed a band to back American bluesman Jimmy Dawkins for a session scheduled at Olympic Studios in London.

The mystery band, named Olympic Runners in reference to the studio, featured keyboardist Pete Wingfield, singer George Chandler, guitarist Joe Jammer, bassist DeLisle Harper, and drummer Glen LeFleur.

Wingfield hailed from Jelleybread and the Keef Hartley Band and also played on albums by Nazareth, Bloodstone, and Colin Blunstone.

Hammer, a native of Chicago, was part of Stealers Wheel for their 1973 release Ferguslie Park.

Harper (ex-Gass/Trifle) and LeFleur came from Manticore funksters Hanson. Along with Chandler, they also played in the Latin-funk ensemble Gonzalez.

When Dawkins didn’t show, the band filled the unused studio time with a session that produced “Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is,” which Vernon sold to the NYC label London Records. Released as a single (b/w “Do It Over”), it hit the US R&B chart (#72), prompting demand for an album.


  • Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is (1974)
  • Out in Front (1975)
  • Don’t Let Up (1975)
  • Hot to Trot (1977)
  • Keeping It Up (1978)
  • Puttin’ It on Ya (1978)
  • Out of the Ground (1979)
  • It’s a Bitch (1979)


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