Nektar ‎– Down to Earth (1974)

Down to Earth is the fifth studio album by German-based English space-rockers Nektar, released in 1974 on Bacillus/U.A./Passport.

A1. “Astral Man” (3:07)
A2. “Nelly the Elephant” (5:02)
A3. “Early Morning Clown” (3:21)
A4. “That’s Life” (6:49)
B1. “Fidgety Queen” (4:04)
B2. “Oh Willy” (4:00)
B3. “Little Boy” (3:03)
B4. “Show Me the Way” (5:55)
B5. “Finale” (1:36)

Roye Albrighton – guitar, lead vocals
Mick Brockett – lights
Allan “Taff” Freeman – keyboards, backing vocals
Ron Howden – drums, percussion
Derek “Mo” Moore – bass, backing vocals

P. P. Arnold – backing vocals
Phil Brown – bass tuba
Robert Calvert – ringmaster
Ron Carthy – 2nd trumpet
Kenneth Cole – backing vocals
Steve Gregory – tenor saxophone
Butch Hudson – 1st trumpet
Chris Mercer – baritone & tenor saxophones
Chris Pyne – trombone
Stephen Wick – tuba
Dieter Dierks – special effects
Chipping Norton Mandies – choir (2-9)
Produced By Peter Hauke & Nektar

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