Message were a German band that released a pair of hard-rock/psych albums on Bacillus circa 1972/73, followed by two symphonic/jazz-rock albums on Nova in 1975 and 1976. Between 1977 and 1980, the band released three further albums on Brain and Spiegelei.

Members: Tommy McGuigan (vocals, saxophone, Mellotron, flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Horst Stachelhaus (bass), Allan Murdoch (guitar), Gerhard Schaber (percussion, vocals), Billy Tabbert (guitar, spinet, vocals), Günther Klingel (drums), Manfred von Bohr (drums, percussion), Helmut Fichtner (keyboards), Emil Wirth (bass), David Hanselmann (vocals), Tommy Wahl (drums, percussion), Sammy Kunig (lead vocals, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion), Reiner Nagel (bass, synthesizer, ARP Solina string ensemble, organ, piano, vocals), Peter Schmidt (drums, percussion), Fritz Gröger (guitar, percussion), Thomas Tscheschner (bass), Anne Haigis (vocals)


  • “Sunshine Girl” / “Bubble Gum” (1970)
  • “Smile” / “Painted Lady” (1971)
  • The Dawn Anew Is Coming (1972)
  • From Books and Dreams (1973)
  • Message (1975)
  • Synapse (1976)
  • Using the Head (1977)
  • Astral Journeys (1978)
  • Miles of Smiles (1980)

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