Embryo is a German ethno-jazz/rock ensemble that debuted with the Ohr release Opal in 1970, followed by nine albums though the decade on United Artists, Brain, April, and other labels. During the 1980s, a further round of releases appeared on Schneeball and Materiali Sonori.

Members: Christian Burchard (vibraphone, hammer dulcimer, percussion, vocals, marimba, drums, 1969-2018), Edgar Hofmann (saxophone, flute, violin, 1969-79, 1985-89), Lothar Meid (bass, 1971), Jimmy Jackson (organ, 1971), Ralph Fischer (bass, 1969-73), Dieter Miekautsch (piano, clavinet, 1972-75), Dieter Serfas (drums, percussion, 1986-present), Wolfgang Paap (drums, 1971), Ingo Schmidt (saxophone, 1971), John Kelly (guitar, 1969-72), Charlie Mariano (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, bamboo flute, nagasuram, 1972-77), Roman Bunka (guitar, saz, vocals, percussion, bass, oud, 1972-80, 1988-96), Hans Fischer (flute, percussion, vocals, 1971), Jörg Evers (bass, 1971-72), Dave King (bass, 1972-73), Uwe Müllrich (bass, 1974-80), Maria Archer (vocals, percussion, 1975), Michael Wehmeyer (percussion, vocals, keyboards, 1983-84, 2002-present), Butze Fischer (drums, percussion, 1977-?), Friedemann Josch (flute, 1983-84), Julius Golombeck (guitar, percussion, oud, vocals, 1985-96), Gerald Luciano (bass, 1985), Lamidi Ayankunle (drums, vocals, 1986-?), Rabiu Ayandokun (drums, 1986-?), Marque Lowenthal (piano, 1988), Paolo Cardoso (bass, 1988), Paramashivam Pilai (vocals, tavil, 1988-?)

Embryo was formed in 1969 Munich by reedist Edgar Hofmann and multi-instumentalist Christian Burchard (1946–2018), who played drums, mallets, dulcimer, and sundry percussion during his 49 years with the band. Prior to forming Embryo, Hofmann and Burchard comprised the Contemporary Trio with drummer Dieter Serfas, a founding member of Amon Düül II who would later join Embryo.

The first-recorded Embryo lineup also featured bassist Ralph Fischer and English-born guitarist John Kelly. Fischer hailed from a formative lineup of Between with Peter Michael Hamel. Kelly had played in the unrecorded R&B/beat combo Manchester United with a pre-Ten Years After Alvin Lee.


Embryo released their debut album, Opal, in 1970 on Ohr.

Embryo’s Rache

Embryo released their second album, Embryo’s Rache, in 1971 on United Artists.

Father, Son and Holy Ghosts

Embryo released their third album, Father, Son and Holy Ghosts, in 1972 on United Artists.

Steig aus

Embryo released their fourth album, Steig aus, in 1972 on Brain–Metronome.


Embryo released their fifth album, Rocksession, in 1973 on Brain–Metronome.

We Keep On

Embryo released their sixth album, We Keep On, in 1973 on BASF.


Embryo released their seventh album, Surfin’, in 1975 on Buk.

Bad Heads & Bad Cats

Embryo released their eighth album, Bad Heads & Bad Cats, in 1976 on April.


In 1977, Embryo released Live, taken from a February 1976 date with Charlie Mariano.


Embryo released their ninth album, Apo-Calypso, in 1977 on April.

Embryo’s Reise

Embryo released their tenth album, Embryo’s Reise, in 1979 on Schneeball.


Embryo released their eleventh album, Anthology, in 1980 on Materiali Sonori.


Embryo released their twelfth album, Life, in 1981 on Schneeball.

La Blama Sparozzi

Embryo released their thirteenth album, La Blama Sparozzi, in 1982 on Schneeball.

Zack Glück

Embryo released their fourteenth album, Zack Glück, in 1984 on Materiali Sonori.

Embryo & Yoruba Dun Dun Orchestra

Embryo released their fifteenth album, Embryo & Yoruba Dun Dun Orchestra, in 1985 on Schneeball.


Embryo released their sixteenth album, Africa, in 1987 on Materiali Sonori.

Turn Peace

Embryo released their seventeenth album, Turn Peace, in 1989 on Schneeball.


  • Opal (1970)
  • Embryo’s Rache (1971)
  • Father, Son and Holy Ghosts (1972)
  • Steig aus (1972)
  • Rocksession (1973)
  • We Keep On (1973)
  • Surfin’ (1975)
  • Bad Heads & Bad Cats (1976)
  • Apo-Calypso (1977)
  • Embryo’s Reise (1979)
  • La Blama Sparozzi (1982)
  • Zack Glück (1984)
  • Embryo & Yoruba Dun Dun Orchestra (1985)
  • Africa (1987)
  • Turn Peace (1989)


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