Kraan ‎– Kraan (1972)

Kraan is the debut album by the namesake German jazz-rock/funk band, released in 1972 on Spiegelei.

A1. “Sarah’s Ritt durch den Schwarzwald” (6:23)
A2. “M. C. Escher” (6:14)
A3. “Kraan Arabia” (9:54)
B1. “Head” (18:36 — :01–3:03 | 5:10–11:19 | 11:20–15:12 | 15:13–18:37)
B2. “Sarah auf der Gänsewies'” (2:01)

Peter Wolbrandt — guitar, vocals, percussion, cover art
Hellmut Hattler — bass
Jan Fride — drums, congas
Johannes A. Pappert — saxophone, percussion

Kraan — composer, arranger, producer
Jürgen Koppers — engineer
Walter Holzbaur — supervisor, photography
Jana Graubins — photography
Joschi Jaehnike — photography
Romi — organ

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