Missus Beastly

Missus Beastly was a German jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on CPM in 1970. After a period of activity that saw a group of imposters parrot the nameplate, the band reconvened for three albums on NOVA, April, and Schneeball between 1974 and 1978.

Members: Lutz Oldemeier (drums, 1968-75), Atzen Wehmeyer (guitar, vocals, 1968-70), Wolfgang Nickel (keyboards, 1968-70), Petja Hofman (bass, vocals, 1968-71), Paul Vincent (guitar, 1970), Michael Scholz (organ, 1970-71), Roman Bunka (guitar, 1970-71, 1974-?), Jürgen Benz (saxophone, flute, percussion, 1970-71, 1973-76), Friedemann Josch (saxophone, flute, 1973-?), Dieter Miekautsch (keyboards, 1973-1974), Norbert Dömling (bass, 1973-77, 1979-?), Eddy Marron (guitar, 1974), Volkmar Hahn (violin, 1974-?), Jim McGilliry (drums, 1975), Butze Fischer (drums, percussion, 1975-76), Jochen Schrumpf (guitar, 1975), Burkard Schmidl (keyboards, vocals, percussion, clavinet, 1975-82), Freddy Setz (drums, 1976-77), Matz Steinke (bass, 1977-78), Rainer Römer (drums, 1977-78), Jan Zelinka (drums, rototoms, 1978-?), Locko Richter (bass, violin, 1978), Heinz Gembus (bass, 1978), Evelyn Drechsler (bass, 1979-?), Marlon Klein (drums, 1979-82), Matthias Krüger (bass, ?-1982)

Missus Beastly formed in 1968 in Hertford as Psychotic Reaction (after the Count Five song) by guitarist/singer Atzen Wehmeyer, keyboardist Wolfgang Nickel, bassist/singer Petja Hofman, and drummer Lutz Oldemeier. In 1969, they derived their new name from the Mistress Beastly, an American doll. They moved south and gigged around Meinz, where they rubbed shoulders with Tangerine Dream, Guru Guru, and Xhol Caravan.

In early 1970, Missus Beastly played the second Essener Pop & Blues Festival along with Black Sabbath, Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Edgar Broughton Band, Ekseption, Hardin and York, It’s a Beautiful Day, Keef Hartley Band, Kraftwerk, Krokodil, Little Free Rock, Marsha Hunt, Renaissance, The Flock, The Greatest Show on Earth, Groundhogs, and the Third Ear Band.

Missus Beastly recorded their self-titled debut album at CPM-Studio, Erlangen, augmented by Xhol flutist Hansi Fischer. It features two songs by Hofman (“Uncle Sam” and “Decision,” both written on the spot), two by Wehmeyer (“Shame on You,” “Mean Woman”), one by Oldemeier (“Aphrodisiakum”) and two group-written miniatures: “Chinese Love Song” and “XOX,” the latter with transcribed text by Urban Gwerder. None of this material featured in their live set.

Missus Beastly was one of only three albums released on CPM, which also issued 1969/70 rarities by Limbus 3 and Checkpoint Charlie. Later that year, an inferior needle drop of the album was bootlegged under the title Nara Asst Incense, released on cassette (Topsound) and vinyl (OPP World Wide), each with different cover art.

That summer, Missus Beastly jammed with drummer Dieter Serfas and guitarists Chris Karrer and John Weinzierl.



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