Et Cetera

Et Cetera were a multi-national jazz-rock ensemble led by German keyboardist Wolfgang Dauner. The band released two studio albums and a live disc on Global, Brain, and BASF between 1971 and 1973.

Members: Wolfgang Dauner (piano, organ, keyboards, electronics, flute, vocals), Jürgen Schmidt-Oehm (flute, vocals), Pierre Cavalli (guitar), Siegfried Schwab (guitar, vocals), Larry Coryell (guitar), Eberhard Weber (bass, cello, vocals), Günter Lenz (bass), Matthias Thurow (bass), Fred Braceful (drums, percussion, vocals), Jon Hiseman (drums), Lala Kovačev (drums)


  • Et Cetera (1971)
  • Knirsch (1972)
  • Et Cetera Live (1973)

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