Niagara were a German ethno-jazz/rock band that released two albums on United Artists in 1971 and 1972, followed by a third on Finger/Polydor in 1973.

Members: Cotch Blackmon [Cotch Black] (percussion), Keith Forsey (drums, percussion), Juan Romero (bells, maracas), Udo Lindenberg (drums, percussion), George Green (drums), Klaus Weiss (drums, timpani, bells), Daniel “Danny” Fichelscher (percussion), Joe Harris (percussion), Ferdinand Povel (saxophone), Ack van Rooyen (flugelhorn, trumpet), Kristian Schultze (electric piano), Gary Unwin (bass), Paul Vincent, George Brown (drums, percussion), Charles Campbell (congas, timpani), Dave King (bass), Sabu Rex (bongos), Norbert Tolbert (congas)


  • Niagara (1971)
  • S.U.B. (1972)
  • Afire (1973)

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