Wolfgang Düren

Wolfgang Düren (born July 9, 1956) is a German electronic musician who served as a sequencer programmer for Tangerine Dream between 1978 and 1980. As a recording artist, he released the album Eyeless Dreams on WPL Records in 1980. He subsequently went into keyboard distribution and founded Waldorf Electronics, a synthesizer manufacturer, in 1988.


  • Eyeless Dreams (1980)

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  1. “I believe he is using a PPG Wave Computer 360, in addition to other devices of course. Wolfgang Düren would work for PPG as a distributor before he went on to found Waldorf Music. The percussive sound really reminds me of early Kraftwerk percussion kinda like Trans Europe Express. Some other devices I have read that he used for this were Computer Sequencer 350, 300 series Modular System, and Micromoog.” – @TheFBK69 (YouTube)

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