Xhol Caravan

Xhol Caravan were a German jazz-rock/psych band that formed in 1967 as Soul Caravan, releasing an album under that name in a soul/beat vein. In 1969, the rechristened outfit issued Electrip on Hansa Records. Two releases followed in 1971 and 1972 under the truncated nameplate Xhol.

Members: Tim Belbe (tenor saxophone), Hansi Fischer (flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Gerhard Egmont “Öcki” Brevern (organ, electric piano, tuba), Klaus Briest (bass), Gilbert “Skip” van Wyck III (drums)


  • Electrip (1969)
  • Hau-RUK (1971)
  • Motherfuckers GmbH & Co. KG (1972)

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