Real Ax Band ‎– Nicht Stehenbleiben / Move Your Ass In Time (1977)

Nicht Stehenbleiben / Move Your Ass In Time is an album by German jazz-rock/funk ensemble the Real Ax Band, released in 1977 on April Records.

Nicht Stehenbleiben
A1. “Pick Your Feet Off The Ground” (3:45)
A2. “Samba Mortale” (2:11)
A3. “Mark Spitz” (5:27)
A4. “Frauen & Kinder Zuerst” (4:51)
A5. “Sticks & Stones” (5:07)
Move Your Ass In Time
B1. “I’m Checkin’ My Problems Out” (4:41)
B2. “Neunauge” (4:11)
B3. “Madwurszth” (5:27)
B4. “Move Your Ass In Time” (4:13)
B5. “I Can Hear You” (3:55)

Bass – Christopher Mache
Drums – Marlon Klein
Guitar – Heinz-Otto Gwiasda
Keyboards – Dieter Miekautsch
Percussion – Marlon Klein
Vocals – Maria Archer

Photography – Claudia Walkenhorst, Thomas Meinecke
Producer – Real Ax Band
Engineer, Recorded By – Etienne Conod
Artwork By – Micha Ehlers
Artwork By [Innersleve Graphics] – Otto Gwiasda
Artwork By [Layout] – Hartmuth Bremer

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