Gong ‎– You (1974)

You is the sixth album by Anglo/French space-rock ensemble Gong, released in 1974 on Virgin. Completing the band’s Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy, the album is their final TriMax studio release with founder/frontman Daevid Allen.

A1. “Thought for Naught” (1:30)
A2. “A P.H.P.’s Advice” (1:37)
A3. “Magick Mother Invocation” (2:11)
A4. “Master Builder” (6:09)
A5. “A Sprinkling of Clouds” (8:42)
B1. “Perfect Mystery” (2:25)
B2. “The Isle of Everywhere” (10:21)
B3. “You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever” (11:24)

Dingo Virgin — vocals, guitar
Hi T Moonweed — synthesisers, Mellotron
Steve Hillage — lead guitar
Mike Howlett — bass
Bloomdido Glad de Brass — wind instruments, vocals
Pierre Moerlen — percussion
Shakti Yoni — vocals, poetry
Mireille — percussion
Benoit — percussion
Bambaloni Yoni — voices, chorus

Simon Heyworth — producer, engineer
Venux Deluxe — instrument technician
Tim Moonweed — cover art
Brigitte Moonweed — cover art
Barved Zumizion — art
Daevid Allen — cover art

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