Leo Sayer ‎– Just a Boy (1974)

Just a Boy is the second album by English pop vocalist/songwriter Leo Sayer, released in 1974 on Chrysalis. The album was produced by his mentoring team of Adam Faith and David Courtney with orchestration by Andrew Powell.

A1. “Telepath” (3:12)
A2. “Train” (4:25)
A3. “The Bells of St. Marys” (3:36)
A4. “One Man Band” (3:35)
A5. “In My Life” (3:23)
B1. “When I Came Home This Morning” (5:17)
B2. “Long Tall Glasses” (3:19)
B3. “Another Time” (3:26)
B4. “Solo” (3:59)
B5. “Giving It All Away” (3:52)

David Courtney — piano, composition, producer
Adam Faith — producer
Martin Birch — engineer
Louie Austin — engineer
Paul “Chas” Watkins — tape operator
George Sloan — tape operator
Humphrey Butler-Bowden — cover art
Terry O’Neill — design, photography
Leo Sayer — vocals, lyricist, harmonica
Andrew Powell — woodwinds, arranger, string arrangements, brass arrangements
Cliff Hall — piano
Paul Keogh — guitar
Dave Markee — bass
Mike Giles — drums
Dave Rose — piano
James Litherland — guitar
Bill Smith — bass
Theodore Thunder — drums
John Mealing — organ
Liza Strike — backing vocals
Barry St. John — backing vocals
Keith Nelson — banjo

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