Henry Franklin ‎– The Skipper at Home (1974)

The Skipper at Home is the second headlining album by American jazz bassist Henry Franklin, released in 1974 on Black Jazz.

A1. “Blue Lights” (7:03)
A2. “What Was” (8:28)
A3. “Soft Spirit” (7:35)
B1. “The Magic Boy” (8:49)
B2. “Venus Fly Trap” (6:17)
B3. “Waltz for Boobuss” (3:33)

Bass, Leader – Henry Franklin (Nyimbo)
Drums – Ndugu (Leon Chancelor)
Guitar – Kenny Climas
Soprano Saxophone – Kemang Sunduza (Bill Henderson)
Tenor Saxophone – Charles Owens
Trombone – Al Hall, Jr.
Trumpet – Oscar Brashear (Cache)

Producer – Gene Russell

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