John Cacavas ‎– Airport 1975 [OST] (1974)

Airport 1975 is a soundtrack album to the namesake disaster film with music by composer John Cacavas, released in 1974 on MCA.

A1. “Main Title, Airport 1975” (2:50)
A2. “Destination Elko” (1:40)
A3. “How Insensitive” (2:17)
A4. “Interludium” (1:55)
A5. “Airborne; Three Moods” (3:00)
–a. Realization
–b. A Man and a Woman
–c. Scott’s Rendezvous
A6. “Inflight Collision” (3:45)
B1. “Theme, Airport 1975” (2:20)
B2. “Montage” (3:48)
B3. “Alexander’s Death” (2:15)
B4. “Murdock Makes It!” (1:40)
B5. “Suspense, Approach and Landing” (5:05)
B6. “Finale, End Title” (3:10)

Composed By, Conductor – John Cacavas
Engineer – John Neal
Producer – Sonny Burke
Recorded By – Frank Jones
Sleeve Notes – Sonny Burke, Telly Savalas
Written-By – John Cacavas (A1, A2, A4, A5a, A5c to B6)

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