Hawkwind are an English space-rock band, originally led by guitarist Dave Brock and reedist Nik Turner. They released six albums on United Artists, including the popular 1971–75 titles In Search of Space, Doremi Fasol Latido, Hall of the Mountain Grill, Warrior on the Edge of Time, and the singles “Silver Machine” and “Urban Guerrilla.” Their […]


Gong was a French–Anglo musical collective that existed through numerous iterations over a four-decade period, starting in 1969. During the first half of the 1970s, the band operated as a space-rock performance act under the leadership of Australian-born guitarist–vocalist Daevid Allen. Later in the decade, Gong steered toward jazz-rock with drummer–percussionist Pierre Moerlen affixed to […]

Clearlight – Les Contes du Singe Fou (1976)

Les Contes du Singe Fou is the third album by French/English symphonic/space collective Clearlight, released in 1976 on Isadora. Tracklist: A1. “The Key” (13:44) —i. The Outsider (5:17) —ii. A Trip to the Orient (5:47) —iii. Lightsleeper’s Despair (2:40) A2. “Soliloque” (5:21) B1. “Time Skater” (15:29) —i. Prelude (1:50) —ii. Countdown to Eternity (4:28) —iii. […]

Clearlight Symphony ‎– Clear Light Symphony (1973)

Clear Light Symphony is the debut album by French/English electronic/space-rock collective Clearlight, released in 1973 on Virgin. Tracklist: A. “Clearlight Symphony Part 1” (20:12)* B. “Clearlight Symphony Part 2” (20:35)** *(:01–6:05–12:45–20:18) **(:01–3:30–6:08, 6:10–8:52, 9:55–11:38–13:40+18:22–20:25) Credits: Cyrille Verdeaux — grand piano, organ, Mellotron, composer, arranger, producer, bass synth, gong Tim Blake — synthesizer, percussion, engineer, producer […]

Gong ‎– You (1974)

You is the sixth album by Anglo/French space-rock ensemble Gong, released in 1974 on Virgin. Completing the band’s Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy, the album is their final TriMax studio release with founder/frontman Daevid Allen. Tracklist: A1. “Thought for Naught” (1:30) A2. “A P.H.P.’s Advice” (1:37) A3. “Magick Mother Invocation” (2:11) A4. “Master Builder” (6:09) A5. […]

Tim Blake ‎– Crystal Machine (1977)

Crystal Machine is a solo album by English electronic musician Tim Blake, released in 1977 on Barclay-subsidiary Egg. Tracklist: A1. “Midnight” (6:22) A2. “Metro/Logic” (6:28) A3. “Last Ride of the Boogie Child” (7:50) B1. “Synthèse intemporelle” (15:52) B2. “Crystal Presence” (1:28) Credits: Lighting [Spectra Physics 164 Argon Laser, Crystal Machine Projectors] – Patrice Warrener Photography […]