Gong ‎– Angel’s Egg (1973)

Angel’s Egg is the fifth album by Anglo/French space-rock ensemble Gong, released in December 1973 on Virgin. The album is the second in the band’s Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy.

A1. “Other Side of the Sky” (8:00)
A2. “Sold to the Highest Buddha” (3:00)
A3. “Castle in the Clouds” (1:15)
A4. “Prostitute Poem” (5:30)
A5. “Givin My Luv to You” (0:50)
A6. “Selene” (3:10)
B1. “Flute Salad” (2:40)
B2. “Oily Way” (3:35)
B3. “Outer Temple” (2:00)
B4. “Inner Temple” (2:15)
B5. “Percolations” (0:40)
B6. “Love Is How Y Make It” (3:00)
B7. “I Never Glid Before” (5:45)
B8. “Eat That Phone Book Coda” (3:00)

Daevid Allen — guitar, vocal
Tim Blake — synthesiser, keyboards, vocals
Steve Hillage — guitar, vocals
Mike Howlett — bass
Pierre Moerlen — drums, percussion
Didier Malherbe — reeds, flute
Gilli Smyth — vocal

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