Duncan Browne ‎– Duncan Browne (1973)

Duncan Browne is the self-titled second album by English singer/songwriter Duncan Browne, released in 1973 on RAK Records.

A1. “Ragged Rain Life” (2:57)
A2. “Country Song” (3:40)
A3. “The Martlet” (4:14)
A4. “My Only Son” (4:06)
A5. “Babe Rainbow” (4:18)
B1. “Journey” (3:17)
B2. “Cast No Shadow” (4:17)
B3. “Over The Reef” (5:35)
B4. “My Old Friends” (4:07)
B5. “Last Time Around” (4:41)

11. “In A Mist” (7:10)
12. “Send Me The Bill For Your Friendship” (3:36)
13. “Guitar Piece
14. “Mignon

Duncan Browne — vocals, guitar, flamenco guitar, writer, arranger, piano
John “Rabbit” Bundrick — keyboards, piano, synthesizer
John Cameron — keyboards, piano
Tony Carr — vocals
Keith Hodge — vocals
Suzi Quatro — vocals
Mickie Most — arranger, producer
Phil Smee — design
Jim Rodford — bass
Bob Henrit — drums

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