Secret Oyster ‎– Secret Oyster (1973)

Secret Oyster is the debut album by the namesake Danish jazz-rock quintet, released in 1973 on CBS. The album was issued stateside with the title Furtive Pearl.

A1. “Dampexpressen” (4:24)
A2. “Fire & Water” (5:34)
A3. “Vive la Quelle?” (8:50)
B1. “Blazing Lace” (4:45)
B2. “Public Oyster” (10:46 — 2:27–8:30)
B3. “Mis(s) fortune” (1:28)
B4. “Ova-x” (4:56)

Bo Thrige Andersen — drums
Mads Vinding — bass
Karsten Vogel — soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, organ
Kenneth Knudsen — piano
Claus Bøhling — guitar

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