Ice – Each Man Makes His Destiny (1974)

Each Man Makes His Destiny is an album by Paris-based American funk septet Ice, released in 1973 on Kedzie Records. The album is the band’s first under the nameplate, though the musicians also recorded concurrently as the Lafayette Afro Rock Band.

A1. “Too Little Room” (5:30)
A2. “Suicide” (5:24)
A3. “One Chance” (3:15)
A4. “Love Can” (2:35)
B1. “There’s Time to Change” (9:11)
B2. “Put an X on the Spot (in the Sky)” (3:00)
B3. “Losin’” (2:18)
B4. “Dgunji” (2:29)

Bass – Lafayette Hudson
Drums – Donny Donable
Guitar, Vocals – Larry Jones
Percussion, Bongos – Keno Speller
Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Vocals – Frank Abel
Trumpet, Flute, Vocals – Arthur Young
Trumpet, Vocals – Ronnie James

Producer – Berjot
Engineer – Andy Scott
Design [Album] – Christian Goux

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