Golden Earrings ‎– On the Double (1969)

On the Double is the fourth album by Golden Earring, originally released as a double-LP in 1969 on Polydor. The album is the band’s third with frontman Barry Hay and the last of three to feature an “s” at the end of the nameplate.

A1. “Songs on a Devil’s Servant” (3:44)
A2. “Angelina” (3:09)
A3. “Pam Pam Poope Poope Loux” (2:44)
A4. “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry” (4:21)
B1. “My Baby Ruby” (3:17)
B2. “Judy” (1:44)
B3. “Goodbye Mama” (3:06)
B4. “Murdock” (3:12)
B5. “Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart” (5:19)
C1. “The Sad Story of Sam Stone” (2:28)
C2. “High in the Sky” (3:22)
C3. “Remember My Friend” (2:58)
C4. “Time Is a Book” (4:04)
C5. “Backbiting Baby” (5:37)
D1. “I’m a Runnin’” (3:25)
D2. “I Sing My Song” (3:59)
D3. “Mitch Mover” (3:00)
D4. “God Bless the Day” (2:41)
D5. “The Grand Piano” (3:26)

George Kooymans — guitar, vocals
Rinus Gerritsen — bass, keyboard
Barry Hay — flute, rhythm guitar, vocals
Jaap Eggermont — drums

Gerard Beckers — sound engineer

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